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Title: A different plan (part 2)
Pairing: HBAMF (both verses)
Rating: R
A/N: This is a birthday gift for my dear beta and also a fill of this prompt:
"Giggling, sniggering, belly laughing, happy, sex. Don't care what pairing, just lots and lots of laughter and sexy good times."
It’s a sequel to this:


Face almost dropped the camera, but between laughing fits he managed to toss the precious object into their laundry basket that stood nearby, as Hannibal’s hands and mouth were all over him, tickling and licking his exposed stomach.

Right beside him he heard BA’s rare giggles, which only escaped him whenever Murdock managed to get his tongue onto the big guy’s armpits. Face could feel Hannibal’s chuckles on his heated skin, and to know the four of them could share such a carefree time made him rock hard. Hannibal’s tongue avoided his dick and balls even though Face wasn’t ashamed to show what he wanted.

The Colonel and Murdock had shared a meaningful glance earlier, and instead of bringing their lovers off, they’d decided to make it their goal to make them laugh so hard that tears of joy ran down their cheeks. BA fisted his hard on, gurgling sounds of pleasure escaping the normally quiet soldier, while Murdock was licking his ears.

After a few moments, the Boss showed mercy and left Face’s squirming body to give his Corporal a lascivious blow job, kneeling on all fours while doing so. Face took advantage of the opportunity. His wet tongue and mobile fingers made their way up the Colonel’s calves, onto the back of his knees. Hannibal collapsed on the strong thighs of the dark man, bursting with laughter.

Murdock took over the blow job, but didn’t let go of BA’s ribs. Face had his laughing Colonel at his complete mercy while rimming him, but also tickling his sides. Hannibal rubbed his erection against BA’s thigh, quivering and squirming, reaching for Murdock’s beautiful dick that was right on display in front of him. They were a laughing and aroused mess, trying to alternately make each other laugh but also getting each other to completion.

BA shot his load into Murdock’s mouth, which made the pilot come into Hannibal’s expertly squeezing fist, the Captain’s warm, slippery juice dripping down across Hannibal’s fingers. Face’s tongue deep inside him, swirling, caressing, BA’s strong thigh muscle pressing against Hannibal’s highly sensitive dick, made him climax as well.

"Hell guys, triple climax, that’s..." Face sounded hoarse and needy as he’d finished the Boss off and looked at his three lovers, writhing in pleasure. He cradled his balls into one hand and started to loop his fist around his almost bursting dick.

The other three recovered fast and were on him in an instant. Tackling him on the floor, kissing and licking. Fingertips and tongues everywhere. His neck, ears, bellybutton, hips, armpits, mouth, ass, back of his thighs which he managed to spread, exposing his rose. Two wonderfully wet fingers pressed into him, rubbing against his sensitive inner walls with different speeds. Face almost got off at the thought alone that they were Hannibal’s and Murdock’s deliciously long middle fingers. He pressed down on them while BA’s talented mouth sucked his desperate cock almost completely in.

"Oh God, ohgodohgodohooooo!!!!" Face spent himself into that hot cavern while watching the men, who simultaneously pressed against his prostate, kiss. He squirmed and jerked, his sides hurting from laughter. He never wanted this moment of utter bliss to stop.


BA interrupted Face’s comment by kissing him hard on the mouth, delivering Face’s own come onto his taste buds.

The tickling fingers had turned into caressing ones. Then a warm figure pressed against his side, head on his chest. Face lazily put his arm around a pliant Murdock, while BA and Hannibal switched positions.

BA curled up behind Murdock, nuzzling his nose into the pilot’s neck. Face got his other arm full of tall Colonel, and with contented sighs they all fell asleep.

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