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Title: A fucked up Day
Pairings: HF & BAM
Rating: PG13
Word count: 309
A/N: Written for the Dec 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. Prompt: One of the Boss’ plans not coming together.
Thanks for the quick beta go to karenjd.



Fuck and double fuck!

Why the hell aren’t those damn Christmas lights working?

Face walks around the tree, scratching the back of his head clueless, messing up his hair completely, chewing down on his screwdriver. BA had already taken a look at it and couldn’t make it work.

“Oh NO!” he hears from the kitchen. A high pitched yell accompanied by a very strong smell of something burning adds to Face’s distress.

And the Boss wanted it all to be perfect when he was back from his gift shopping.

“Crazy Fool, what have you done?”

“I…I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Face listens to Murdock’s and BA’s banter, frowning in dismay.

“It’s your damn fault that the Gingerbread man is dead…”

Oh no! Not that, too! Face thinks, groaning.

“If you wouldn’t have…”

“Shut up fool, ya liked it, didn’t ya?”

There’s silence for a few moments while Face opens all the windows. He smiles to himself, knowing what the other two are doing.

That’s when he sees Hannibal turn around the corner of the drive way.

“Shit. Too soon.” But then he notices that the Boss doesn’t have any bags with him and hangs his head.

Face goes to meet him in the hallway. The Colonel opens the door and starts to yell, “Boys I haven’t any…” Then he stops and crinkles his nose, sniffing. “Don’t tell me your day hasn’t been any better than mine?”

Face wordlessly shakes his head and they brush their lips together briefly, Hannibal looking very sad.

“I hate it when our plans don’t come together.”

“Don’t worry baby.” Face caresses the Boss’ cheeks gently, moving in for a better angle. “We still have another day to make our plans come together,” he grins and winks. That already makes the Boss smile again and they start to kiss properly.

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