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Title: Murdock’s new collection
Pairing: HBAMF (could be both verses)
Rating: Pg13
Word Count: 588
A/N: Written for the Dec. 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts for the prompt “toys”.
Thanks KJ :D


“Look at her, isn’t she pretty?“ Murdock asks, caressing Princess Barbie’s curves, covered in lace, with his fingertip.

“Nah, you’re way prettier,” Face murmurs into his ear, sneaking his arms around the pilot’s waist, kneeling behind him on the sunny island the pilot had created for himself. A fluffy blanket, littered with at least twenty toys of the day.

Barbies and Kens.

“What about Ken, then?” Murdock smoothes down Prince Ken’s glittery collar.

“He’s lacking this.” Face’s lips trace their way down Murdock’s bare shoulder, lingering across the Ranger tattoo on his upper arm, blowing on it and then licking it fondly.

Murdock shivers and grins, but won’t give up on his doll collection yet. He reaches for Mermaid Barbie, twisting her tail fin, throwing her into the pool, letting her do an elegant loop.

Face laughs lowly under his breath and takes a Ken dressed in swim shorts from the blanket. “He’s missing something, too.” His slender index finger pulls the tiny briefs down.

“You pervert.” Murdock bites into Face’s ear lobe. Swim Suit Ken joins Mermaid Barbie in the water.

“I kinda like him,” Face grabs a soldier Ken from the lot, pulling his boots off. “Where’d you get all these, anyway?”

“Found them upstairs. There’s lots more if you wanna play.” Murdock takes army Ken out of Face’s hands and turns him round and round. “Houses, carriages, lots of dresses, make up st…” Murdock’s silenced with a forceful kiss, just when he begins to talk himself into a frenzy about his latest obsession.

“He’s missing his dog tags.” Face lets Lieutenant or Captain Ken fly into the water as well, “and besides, I’d rather play with you, babe.” He lowers the pilot between all the dolls just as a shout is heard from the pool.

“Ya crazy fools! What’s with all the damn dolls in here?”

Face and Murdock grin at each other, “We thought you’d like some company.”

They are both hit with Ken and Barbie “bullets” just when they start to kiss in earnest. They don’t care. They just try not to laugh when a deep voice beside them admits, “I’d like to see you both dressed as Bride Barbie, though…”

Face sees Hannibal out of the corner of his eye, peering beneath wedding Barbie’s gown. He gives Murdock some space, and as though his lover’s able to read his mind, he scrambles from beneath him and together they attack their Colonel, wrestling him onto the hard dolls.

“Ouch, ouch, guys, have mercy!”

“Mercy? You want mercy, Colonel?”

Hannibal nods and tries to get up. But two sets of strong hands have him beneath shoulders and around ankles and lift him up, running towards the water.

“Hey BA! How about a big Colonel doll?”

And the boss gets thrown into the refreshing water as well, just beside the Barbie air mattress. He comes up, spluttering, fake anger in his voice, “Rude Kids!”

His face splits into a wide grin when he sees BA come up behind his boys and push them both over the edge of the pool, jumping in behind them.

They all end up in a four man hug, sharing loving kisses.

“My favourite toys,” Murdock sighs affectionately when he finds himself in the middle of the others attention.

Barbies and Kens are forgotten all around them.

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