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I just looked at my posts and saw that I was stuck with the entry of the LJ copy. *scratching head* At the moment I don't want to post a lot twice so I rather stay with LJ since I pay there even though it annoys me yet again since I don't seem able to easily reply...

Anyway, I'm totally into Jack and Stephen and Master and Commander right now and posting in perfect duet.

And I'm confused lolol

Date: 2013-12-04 02:28 pm (UTC)
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Hi and good morning!
I just wanted to mention that I had started in LJ, and I had made an account on DW because that is what everyone else at the time was doing, and so now I participate in both sites, because they both have two sets of people that are not exactly the same, and I wanted to participate in ALL of Perfect_Duet and the other MandC sites, as much as I could! However, I have not had any difficulty with LiveJournal as other people have. :) *touch wood*

Date: 2013-12-06 04:08 pm (UTC)
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Yes, multiple storage devices can be a pain! I am no computer expert or anything, but in my time online I have found it useful to have many places to set our things of importance 'in the cloud', so to speak.

I use Deviant Art for my drawings, as well as my LJ scrapbook, and for some extra pics I happen to like, (or userpic storage,) I use Photobucket, but some use other photo sites too. I also am new on Tumblr, where my 'other' things I have are, the stuff I cannot put on YouTube. Anyway, you prolly knew this already; like I said I am still very new at this sort of thing.

I have seen also for "Fics" there is a site called 'Archive of our Own', although I have not used it yet personally. Maybe someday when I am not quite so busy.. the holidays are running me ragged! :) Perhaps there are others on here that would be willing to share with you more information about where to store your things. I am sure they would be pleased to help! Happy storing! :)


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