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COOL MOVIE!!! Imo, very thrilling and truely worth watching if you like action stuff. I actually wanted to watch it in two sessions but I COULND'T tear my eyes away from the screen. Spoilers under the cut Read more... )
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Title: A different plan
Pairing: HBAMF (could be both verses)
Rating: PG13
A/N: Written for the October challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts It’s a double drabble. Thanks to [ profile] karenjdfor the beta :D


Murdock lay on the freshly mowed lawn and couldn’t stop laughing. Two sets of hands were tickling him mercilessly. Both pairs strong, agile. One tanned, one dark skinned. They tickled his neck, armpits, ribs, calves, bare feet...
The half naked pilot squirmed and giggled and loved it all. He cried out to Hannibal for help, but the colonel wouldn’t come. He was busy filming the whole spectacle, having a hard time not to ruin the little video by laughing too hard.
But Murdock had plans... He started his counter attack by slamming his mouth onto BA’s, taking him by surprise, and he landed on his ass, Murdock above him, mobile fingers on the dark man’s sides, squeezing lightly, making the strong man howl and wriggle on the ground.

Face, the sneaky brat, surprised the colonel from behind by letting his long fingers travel down Hannibal’s spine, the touch feather light, grabbing the camera and running away with it as fast as he could. But the colonel was faster. He threw the kid to the ground as well, but the tool for his tickling attack was his tongue, licking Face’s tight nubs.

Hannibal loved it when a wicked plan came together.

part 2:
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I was just watching a lot of eps in a row to finally see Will again! And I gotta admit he looks much more adult in this last one! I totally love it! It's thrilling and we see him actually fight a bit :D So glad he did learn how to defend himself! Of course my favourite scene is the last one when he's wearing that blue sweater that totally matches his incredible eyes! But really Sidney, I envy you! Having a best friend like THIS! I can not see him with a girlfriend though...
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Title: Speed dating with a surprise turn
Pairing: HBAMF
Rating: light R
A/N: Written for [ profile] ateam_prompts “Murdock's feeling kinda left out ever since Boss, Face and BA all hooked up together. So - thinking he's not good enough for them - he goes speed dating. This turns out to be the best idea he's ever had - since the man he goes home with is actually Hannibal in disguise. The other three had been waiting and planning the right moment to ask James to join them in their big snuggly bed and realise in horror that they've left it a bit too late. So they go after him, and bring him back where he belongs.”

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Title: True Love
Pairing: young!Face Hannibal (movie)
Rating: PG13 (so far)
A/N: I love young Face so I needed to fill this very special, wonderful prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts: “I realize this is completely fucked up, but I still want to see it! Hannibal adopts one teenage Templeton Peck, for some reason anon can decide. There's some friction at first, some unexpected things (like Temp having constant nightmares and sleeping in Hannibal's bed all the time), but they work through it and they both fall into their new father-son roles. It's all great, really. Even the stuff about Temp sleeping in his bed. Except that, as he gets older, Hannibal realizes that he loves the kid as something more than just a son. And when something finally happens, Hannibal finds out that's what the kid's wanted all along! (Anon would prefer Face not significantly younger than 16 if something happens. Hannibal's not a pedophile or anything like that...)”

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First of all, back in the day, I LOVED Boy George and Culture Club! I think “Camilia” was the first song I ever recorded!

And now I love this ep! Read more... )

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Title: Phil Wenneck meets the A-Team
Pairings: H/P, hints at BA/M
Rating: NC17

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I FINALLY SAW IT!!!! Read more... )
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Title: A different goal or the difficult art of persuasion
Pairing: movie!Face/Murdock
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 2350
A/N: Written for two prompts at [ profile] ateam_prompts. First this: "Face pursuing/seducing Murdock, with the usual Murdockian protests and self-consciosness.
I'd love it to be a first time fic." And I thought I could weave a bit of Murdock in a cowboy hat and bare chest for another prompt into it. Smoochies and thanks as always to [ profile] karenjd

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for some odd reason I couldn't post it in the story post. *scratches head*
Bonus wp for my challenge entry 0811 Bonus wp for my challenge entry 0811

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Title: Possibilities after being Dishonorably Discharged
Character: movie!BA
Rating: PG13 for language
Word count: 785
A/N: Written for the August 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. “What was BA doing down in Mexico before he met Hannibal.” At first I wanted to refuse it because it sounded too hard for me to come up with an idea but then I decided to take the challenge! It’s a bit short, though. But that’s why I made a bonus wall. THANKS [ profile] karenjd for your beta!!

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for the challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts
wp featuring Bosco wp featuring Bosco

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I had completely forgotten to post this here!!

Title: Password to her love
Pairing: Ralph/Peter
Rating: gen
A/N: This is written for Liam and Antonio. Because they did impress me very much in this rather sad movie. I know many people don’t like it, but I think they both did the best with their given characters. It is a movie that makes one think. And yes, I DO believe a woman can love two men at the same time. After the second viewing, knowing why Lisa wasn’t there, some of Peter’s actions seemed much more understandable.
I am sorry that this isn’t slash. But they were both so much in love with Lisa, that my muse didn’t want to bring them together…yet… Read more... )
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Another man (from The other man ;) for a change :D
Happy Bday 2011 Happy Bday 2011

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evil? ;) evil? ;)

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sigghhh sigghhh

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male gentleness, male tenderdess...gotta L O V E THIS!!!!
hhmmm most serious love scene :D hhmmm most serious love scene :D


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