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Another man (from The other man ;) for a change :D
Happy Bday 2011 Happy Bday 2011

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A little early but me and Antonio wish you alllllll the best!!!!! Maybe he comes your way like this ;)
sexy Ralph sexy Ralph

sorry if I got a bit carried away with the butterflies lolol

L O V E from your Delchen!!
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okay, right now I am crying and here comes the cut for spoilersRead more... )
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For a very dear online friend who died back in may but I just now found out about it...
In Memoriam In Memoriam

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Made for a contest for longtherm friends on The Banderas Buddies Forum.

May I introduce my very first love in a mask, Zorro, aka Alejandro Murietta. I was purely hetero thinking back at the time, imagining I'd be Elena ;)

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Happy Valentine, Otto Happy Valentine, Otto
the hottest trompet player ever

I felt like making a card. And I also made it to go with chapter 6 of my Swing Kids "Out of Ruins" story :D
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Since I'm in a vampire mood, I just made this. And as much as Armand could have met Dracula, he SURELY met Henry ;)

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My very own trumpet player :D (and Otto's ;)

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Okay, I very seldom answer memes, but this one intrigued me and I asked [ profile] siriala to give me three names from my bunch of favourite actors.

She choose Antonio Banderas, Christian Bale and Gerry Butler...

Read more... )
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Ich wünsch dir von ganzem Herzen viiieelll Elan, Ideen und Erfolg für deine Masterarbeit! Viel Spass mit deinen verschiedenen Männern ;) und natürlich vorallem GESUNDHEIT und Glück so rund herum!


Happy Birthday immertreu Happy Birthday immertreu

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Ein weiterer Versuch, meine Werke etwas zu ordnen. lol Another try to organize the stuff I collected over the years.

Verrückt nach Antonio Banderas )

more Antonio walls and icons by me )
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I just found this on my HD, realizing I hadn't posted it before.
waltz of Evita and Che waltz of Evita and Che

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to all my friends who love Antonio!!!
Merry Xmas 08 Merry Xmas 08

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My muse didn't forget him either ;)
Happy Bday 08 Debbie Happy Bday 08 Debbie

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(sorry the stargate muse is still gone *blush*

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unfortunately not together LOL...I've just watched their new movies. Gary making a serious one in Spain, learning spanish just for it and speaking english AND spanish in it *sighhhhh*

Antonio making a serious one as well, speaking english and spanish too in it...*another deep sighhhh*

the movies are both hard to watch (no Hollywood mainstream) but I just HAD to.

now...I SO WISH THEY'D DO ONE TOGETHER and preferably a really slashy one...(I know no one is interested in this but I just have to say it somewhere LOLOL)

omg I AM LOST!!
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a niiiiiiiice girl made caps of Antonio's earlllllly movie "Puzzle". They were VERY inspiring and there might be more.

(glad my muse can jump between guys again ;)


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