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I wish you alllll the best and I thought your bday would be a nice reason to make a wall for those two again. I love to see Henry's more dangerous site in this :D Hope you like it too and that you'll have a nice day full of wonderful slashy gifts ;)
The cap just made me do this. I thought it somehow looks like a painting. LOVE the way Henry is grabbing Mike's shirt so possessively! Y U M

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I know I can do better. But 1) He's so pretty he doesn't need any effects. 2) I'm in a hurry. Hope I can play propperly again after the holidays...
Henry for Maria Henry for Maria

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Fandom jumping! YAY!!! I love those two guys because of their hair. That's the only thing I miss with Connor and Marcus.
What are you, Fitzroy? What are you, Fitzroy?
I love this scene. It's totally incredible imo :D

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I know I've choosen the wrong fandom with this again, but I can't resist his young beauty. Everybody else probably is adoring Edward right now, but I find no energy to drive to the theatre. (Besides, Edward doesn't have long hair...)
Beauty Beauty

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Yeah, I know, when I am obsessed with something, I do tend to repeat myself. But that's how my wicked muses work. You already know, that it will be over at some point LOL but for now, those two rock my world ;)

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I almost can't believe it. I already made 10 BT walls!

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The friend who gave me the DVDs said, the cop isn't bad either...and I sooooooo agree :D:D:D
Detective Celluci Detective Celluci
He surely isn't bad either...

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What a SMILE!!! Of course this called again for red and gold. But the other idea wanted to be done as well.
beautiful smile 2 beautiful smile 2
I just had to have another go with this particular vampire pic

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yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy
My new immortal beloved...

Gotta love his titles. I've always had a thing for aristrocratic people *VBG*

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tadaaaaa ;) ooops an accident...sorry if the wall looks odd, but there weren't any better caps available for THAT bite!

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I'm a bit ashamed I lost my obsession for Peter and Thomas so fast. But I think that's because of lack of FB and lack of anything for them around (or I wasn't patient enough to keep searching). So, lets see how much I get involved with Henry. I DO see slash in Blood Ties though. Or better, yet again a nice naughty threesome :D
study of Henry while drawing study of Henry while drawing
Yes, this is a man I focus on the hands again...and the curls, of course...and as usual, the mouth... ;)

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This is all my friend Maria's fault. A while back she insisted I should watch it and sent me the first five eps. She knows me and my taste very well, so it seems. Due to Halloween I finally started watching...This is the first result.
Henry for Maria Henry for Maria
this might become yet another obsession...


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