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Santa brought this interesting movie to me :D:D cut for spoilers Read more... )
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Nooo not what you think! Not a hot dream :( BUT he and I were talking together like normal people. He suddenly was among my coworkers. He was wearing a normal light jeans shirt and had that fluffy beard lol and...he spoke fluent German lolol Unfortunately I don't remember what we talked about.

It looks like my subcosious wants to remind me that there are other men out there then the A-Team ;)
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My dearest friend! I wish you all the best!!! Especially a behaving computer, not so much stress at work and lots and lots of health! I made something for you. I hope you like it even though it has nothing to do with SN or J2. I haven't "played" with Christian for a while and it was a pleasure to do so again. Hope you like my Melvin wall. love, your friend Del.
2010 bday gift for Siriala 2010 bday gift for Siriala

PS: I forgot if you like Jude Law much or not. I have a plot bunny hidden in my head for one of his characters and Melvin Purvis. Not sure how that will turn out yet...
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I haven't done a wall in ages and I think it shows, sorry. Anyway this is completely inspired by This Story

[ profile] sorion, I wanted to make the print suit to their rings. I hope it worked at least partly and that you like what I have done :D
Married Married
hehe greetings from the wicked brains lol

Here is the other version for people who can't have it THAT obvious on their desktop (like myself)

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This is surely an actor I want to stare at the hands again all the time...Looks like Bruce appreciates them very much as well ;)

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I just HAD to make this. Because when I saw Tony in his scene, it immediately reminded me of Bruce's "showing biceps" scene. I hope this looks a bit like they'd really look at Tony's device together. And also in the cave. I wanted to make it look like Bruce walks just towards Tony while his making his first mask. I tried to make it not as cluttered as my walls normally are. I hope it doesn't look unfinished instead lol

superhero biceps superhero biceps
pure double yummienessssss

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WOW I haven't posted since over a week! Tsk! And it is all Mr. Stark's fault. Because I started watching him and I just couldn't STOP!!!!! And couldn't stop to search for stuff of him and Mr. Wayne! I know I said Bruce and Jim are made for each other. I still think they are! But I love to discover new points of view and what is better and hotter to combine two majorly rich, sexy, brainy, STRONG superheroes??? This is so way out of RL, that I just want to dive into their worlds and stay there.

I am not really satisfied with my first wall for the two, since I am suddenly painfully aware, that I SHOULD have blue ray...but well I haven't, so these caps have to do. I tried to put into the wall what they have in common. I just couldn't fit everything in so there might be more.

And for those who like BW more (like myself lol)

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Fandom jumping ;) This is made because an off LJ friend needed some caps of Christian, looking like this. After making them I felt like doing a wall with him for a change :D It's also made for [ profile] atlantis2_04
Dan, trying to be friendly Dan, trying to be friendly

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arms,,, arms,,,

ARM P RN!!!!!!!
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I am sosososo angry. I want to explode. I expected the Connor/Wright fandom to become as big as Gordon/Batman. But it's almost non excistend. I can't believe it. And I blame McG not Christian. And I beg people to just see, that Marcus didn't die. They don't show him dying, for f+++s sake. I love Christian's JC and hope he'll play him again with another director...Chris Nolan would be the right one for that. Wouldn't he? Anyway I made a wall and am going to post it in every place I am a member in.
leader of the Resistance leader of the Resistance
A lot of people don't, but I do love him.

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My hetero John Connor muse demanded some attention ;)
Leaders Leaders

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I just watched the making of (which I surprisingly DO have on my DVD :D ) and I wanted to make this wall right afterwards. Even though Christian rather looks like one certain Mister Borden, then John Connor LOL

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I got my DVD!!!!!!!!!! This may not be so pretty, but it's the wall I wanted to make ever since I saw the movie in the theatre. The way they save each other's life is one of the best moments in this movie! S L A S H Y!

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Serenade in Blue wall Serenade in Blue wall
For some reason my muse thought all of this fits together.

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I can completely understand why Thomas is falling for Peter...
counterpiece to Thomas, thinking of old times counterpiece to Thomas, thinking of old times
I hope some RSL fans may find this.

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Thomas, thinking of old times. Thomas, thinking of old times.
The "Thomas" pic is from Godmoney (Thanks [ profile] siriala) but I thought it fits a thoughtful Thomas Berger exactly. One who had just survived the war...

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Five years back [ profile] siriala uploaded some very very yummy caps of Christian, playing some scenes for a movie called "Godmoney". Unfortunately it wasn't finished with him. Looks like he has been VERY busy, at that age, since his looks seem right to fit in between Newsies and Swing Kids. Yeah, sorry, I am going for REALLY young again these days LOLOL *hides*
simply gorgeous simply gorgeous


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