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I really hope you two like my little gift! I am really rusty with Daniel/Michael. Sorry!
bday gift bday gift

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fighting the bad guys - Daniel fighting the bad guys - Daniel
made for [ profile] siriala's challange at SD

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*looking a bit proud*

And it's for a, imo, not one of my best icons ever LOL

but I am making the happy dance anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D:D
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at least I assume it is one LOL
Daniel, the warrior Daniel, the warrior
I know he's a peaceful man. But I think this is one of the hottest pix of him EVER *blush* LOOK at that bicep!

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First Daniel scene First Daniel scene

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and under the cut for spoilers ;)

Read more... )
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Immertreu's bday wall
Immertreu's bday wall
Daniel in sexy leatherjacket. Blue eyes sparkling and that smile...

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I have been busy for a challenge. I made all those icons and banners for S4. I hope to do some more. One of these days I may upload them to LJ too. I hope this works!! Feel free to snag and use. Credite and FB would be cool.
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I think those two eps are very powerful and I've watched them several times by now. This may not be the best wall but it's the first I wanted to do with Daniel Jackson since an eternity.

last scene from The Quest last scene from The Quest

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I made those for a challenge. Feel free to snag. I am REALLY glad that my JD muse isn't completely lost! The general is made from a manip by Rosenrot and the slashy couple made from a manip by Debs. Enjoy!

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I just discovered, that I still think Daniel Jackson is hot as well ;);) Especially scruffy....
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thanks so someone who sent a promo pic for arc of truth, I made this for the bday gal KJ. Not sure why his blue eyes don't show up :(

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I made this for Gloria's bday and discovered, that I DO love those particular blue eyes still as well ;)

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I can just manage a HUGE SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My muse wanted to make this wall. S k i n...unfortunately too less ;) But better then nothing :D

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I wish you allllllllllllll the BEST!!!!! Here are two totally different Daniels for you :D One romantic and the other one the soldier, savior of the world(s) Sorry it's not naughty ;)


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hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm droooooooooollllllliiiiiinnnnn allover my screeeeeeeen.... I am SURE Jack can watch those guys from somewhere secretly....or even admire Daniel from the next training bench or the bike...*sigh*
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Hey Candygram! thanks for the praise on my mature Daniel/slash wall! I am going back in time now, trying to watch old eps one after the other. I got stuck with Need for the moment...

There is even hopping a plotbunny around on my HD about it now. Hopefully I can catch it fully!!

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I finally found the nerve to work with my favourite scene. I don't know why, but the long sleeved shirt makes him look incredibly HOT (imo)

I like the way he's build now, all strong and firm. The hair could be a little longer though.


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