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Title: A fucked up Day
Pairings: HF & BAM
Rating: PG13
Word count: 309
A/N: Written for the Dec 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. Prompt: One of the Boss’ plans not coming together.
Thanks for the quick beta go to karenjd.

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This took wayyyy longer then I wanted it to take. The caps just didn't cooperate but I just love those scenes!
great team work great team work

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Credit to the extraordinary manipping goes to [ profile] karenjd. I used the originals with her permission :D
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I'm sorry, my wallpaper muse is totally rusty. I am not really satisfied with this but I want to post it anyway lol Hannibal ALWAYS has to have his hands on his boy...
love in various eps love in various eps

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Title: What the minds deny but the bodies want
Pairing: TV! H/F
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 802
A/N This is inspired by Deadly Maneuvres, because Hannibal looks fit in that one too plus he cares so much for Face when he’s not checking in at the right time! Written for this from [Bad username or site: ”Stackcats” @] at [Bad username or site: ”ateam_prompts” @]
Thanks KJ for the beta :D

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Title: True Love
Pairing: young!Face Hannibal (movie)
Rating: PG13 (so far)
A/N: I love young Face so I needed to fill this very special, wonderful prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts: “I realize this is completely fucked up, but I still want to see it! Hannibal adopts one teenage Templeton Peck, for some reason anon can decide. There's some friction at first, some unexpected things (like Temp having constant nightmares and sleeping in Hannibal's bed all the time), but they work through it and they both fall into their new father-son roles. It's all great, really. Even the stuff about Temp sleeping in his bed. Except that, as he gets older, Hannibal realizes that he loves the kid as something more than just a son. And when something finally happens, Hannibal finds out that's what the kid's wanted all along! (Anon would prefer Face not significantly younger than 16 if something happens. Hannibal's not a pedophile or anything like that...)”

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My writing muse is stuck. So I made this, loving "Mr. Toni" :D
Mr. Toni & Hannibal Mr. Toni & Hannibal

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never enough of the wet suit :D never enough of the wet suit :D

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We have this discussion going on, wether Hannibal really likes Face in the series as much as in the movie or not. I'm trying to find some reasons that, YES, HE DOES!!! (And often he doesn't...)
and they DO like each other... and they DO like each other...

And yeah, I know I can do better lolol
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I needed a new wallpaper. It's nothing fancy but I love those pix
show down show down

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I wonder if the bw in the right corner counts as looks like one to me...*VBG*

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Title: You spin my head round
Pairing: movie!Hannibal and Face
Rating: PG 13
Wordcount: 5019
Warnings: A bit of hetero sex in the beginning.
Notes: Written for this anon-prompt at [ profile] ateam_prompts: “I kind of like to see Hannibal in a slowly falling-apart marriage or long-term relationship with a woman, but he can't work out what's going wrong until he meets Face and it hits him - he's gay. I'd mainly like to see the thought processes, how Hannibal deals with it, but if it ends in H/F that's wonderful too! (I have a cheating squick, so I'd rather he didn't actually sleep with Face until he's single)”

I choose Hannibal’s POV. Thanks for betaing go to my lovely [ profile] karenjdagain. Thanks sososo much for your encouragement and praise!

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Title: How to measure an inseam properly
Pairing: TV!Face and Hannibal
Rating: strong R
Wordcount: 591
Disclaimer: They are not mine. They belong to two unfortunately dead people and to two very much alive DB and DSch :D
Notes: Short fic for long prompt at [ profile] ateam_promptsIn the episode "Road Games," Face is undercover as an organized crime flunkie (Russ). In one scene, he and a Bad Guy Minion (Meeks) go to a tailor shop so Face can get fitted for a tuxedo. But the tailor shop is run by Hannibal and Murdock in disguise, as the tailor and his lethargic clerk. Hannibal gets very close and personal with Face as he "measures" him for his neck, chest, and waist fittings. However, the scene skims too quickly over the crouching down of Hannibal to measure Face's inseam.
This must be corrected!! I propose that Tailor Hannibal takes Uncover Face behind the nearby curtain to finish the measurements and also to give him a little oral "encouragement" about his current dangerous assignment.

Thanks again to my busy bee [ profile] karenjd


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