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I couldn't mix him with the other two. Not sure why. I guess because he has his own, very strong personality and is so much in love with Mina. So, I made him an own wallpaper since he didn't get a dozen from me already.

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Looks like I am doing the biggest fandom jumping ever. But Gordon DOES have something in common with Sirius...and gotta L O V E Bruce's hair!!!! *silently praying for CB's hair*
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taking another glimpse at R & G, I had to make these:

Who likes them, please feel free to use them. Credit would be cool. No hotlinking please.
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I wish you allllllllllll the best!!! Health, money, fun and lots of cool movies to watch! And my muse even got inspired and I brought you a gift. I hope you like the young Gary as much as you like Jim Gordon. I've never done a Rosencrantz wall and this is for you. Sweet, sexy crazy/smart Rosy. hugggggssssss
Rosy for Snapini Rosy for Snapini
My first Rosy wall ever.

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I've made much more for him but they are hidden in my totally messy photobucket account LOL follow me )
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Hello Dear!!! Before I don't have a chance to send you greetings on friday, I figured I'd just post your gift today! Hope you don't mind and I really hope you like your yummy man this way ;)


Jim's different outfits Jim's different outfits
I thought he'd always wear the same shirt and tie...but no he certainly doesn't! This is the counterpiece to the Bruce "different ties" wall :D

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car crash car crash
I think this is the scene where Jim figures something out ;)

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I made more. But I am, as usual, a bit confused by LJ. I am working my way through it, trying to sort out my galleries. So please be patient. LOL

This is, again, Paul from Backwoods. BUT for me it's Gordon. As you can see, I am obsessed with him and Batman at the moment ;)
commissioner bw commissioner bw

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not much but MAYBE I'll have more time to play with those two the coming week. (Looks like my JD muse needs a little break ;)

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Bedhead Bruce Bedhead Bruce
I think this doesn't need any commend LOL

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This isn't art but the beginning of a story I am trying to write. Any sugestions?
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naughty hands naughty hands
hhhhmmmmmmmm I'll leave you to your fantasies ;) This is from the movie "Romeo is bleeding". I haven't seen it til the end yet *sigh*

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Emmett for justice Emmett for justice
VERY intense performance from Gary in this "reality" movie.

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I am completely obsessed with it at the moment. I think Gary Oldman and Afred Molina did an absolutely fantastic job in it. It's from 1988 and reminds me A LOT of Law of Desire with Antonio Banderas. I guess it was important at that time for young actors, to do a movie about homosexuals. I LOVE my guys for doing them *sigh*, they are SO BRAVE!!!!!

doing a cut for the no slashers

Read more... )

and two thingies that don't need a cut ;)

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(sorry the stargate muse is still gone *blush*

OotP walls

Nov. 21st, 2007 09:50 am
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I just realized, I only posted them into the community, not to my own LJ *groan*

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Anybody notice the heavy slash in there? WHO has seen it...
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and the better side of him...

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unfortunately not together LOL...I've just watched their new movies. Gary making a serious one in Spain, learning spanish just for it and speaking english AND spanish in it *sighhhhh*

Antonio making a serious one as well, speaking english and spanish too in it...*another deep sighhhh*

the movies are both hard to watch (no Hollywood mainstream) but I just HAD to.

now...I SO WISH THEY'D DO ONE TOGETHER and preferably a really slashy one...(I know no one is interested in this but I just have to say it somewhere LOLOL)

omg I AM LOST!!
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again LOL

And this is for my friends who DO understand about slash. While watching the movie I didn't see it very strongly since Beethoven is utterly straight. BUT then I started to make walls and found all those caps and my slashy muse came peeking through again and I was like AHHHHHHHHHHH THAT IS such OBVIOUS slash!!!!! LOOK at that Schindler guy! He's so full of sad emotion!! Those are all real caps. No manips at all! I think, he loves Beethoven with all his heart but gets shoved away really badly...and still comes back again even after Ludwig's dead...(yes I AM obsessed LOL I did to a hetero kissing wall as well but I'm not sure to post it here)


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