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Now, that was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BETTER then Law Abiding Citizen!!! Read more... )
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Yes, I did a lot of movie watching these days. And this one, even more dissappointing then the previous mentioned movies. And I even BOUGHT this one...Read more... )
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Okay, I very seldom answer memes, but this one intrigued me and I asked [ profile] siriala to give me three names from my bunch of favourite actors.

She choose Antonio Banderas, Christian Bale and Gerry Butler...

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Forgot to post this one. Too bad the longish hair is missing but you gotta LOVE that smile!!!

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This is made as a thank you for a very very talented fanfic author. She may never see it, but I'm secretly hoping she had this vampire in mind when she invented Ivan. And if not, I love to read about him and picture Gerry in the role.

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I think I am going crazy. There is no slash out there for Gerry's characters. Or maybe I am just not good in research. *sigh*

Looks like I have to settle for hetero stuff. Even though I like it in some pairings, it's not the same...

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I wish you allllllllllll the best and I hope you like the eyecandy I made for you ;)
Happy bday Will! Happy bday Will!

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And to get my sad mind of PS I Love you, I had to watch Fantasy/Scifi non realistic stuff again and found...hhmmmm a HOT ex soldier...and he REALLY got my fantasies going...too bad there was NO ONE to slash him with...except maybe...Til Schweiger? LOLOLOLOL noooooooooo

The main cap of the wall is going to be burned in my brain for a while...could be Creedy, "tortured" by Quinn...Read more... )
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okay, it may not interest anybody, but I am finding myself falling and falling and falling more and more for Gerry Butler. And it looks like he almost dies in EVERY role he's playing. "PS: I love you" BEWARE OF SPOILERS )
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(I hope I got that right *blush*) Hello my dear Siriala! I wish you allllll the best for your birthday and that the coming year wont be so stressful with work and unpleasant RL stuff, but full with movies of your favourite men and lots of fun with your real life and online friends. Lots of health and lots of money!!

I made you two gifts. I hope you like them. In the first wall I tried to make something completely different from what you can find about Marcus and John online. I wanted to show them more private, not so much the soldiers.

The second one, well I made that before the T4 one. I love the colors in this scene. I think both Marek and Chris look especially sexy in the nowaday scenes. The blue shirt matching Chris' eyes, and Marek's sweater just shows his lean body so well...

So, again, HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!

your friend Del.
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I've tried a totally different style. The girls of the German GB board I am on now inspired me to do this.
The great King The great King
just hmmmmmmm...

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I really don't know what happens with me when I watch certain movies with Gerry. The hetero lovestories are so strong, they overpower my slashy heart ;)

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This movie wont leave me alone. And it's weird. In the beginning I very strongly see Chris and Andre together. Unfortunately it changes with canon. I can't help and see the strong attraction between Lady Claire and Marek as well! I kinda love to think in both directions :D

friends... friends...

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bare chest... bare chest...
just *siigghhhhh* I know I am a completely shallow person...

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The Phantom as Don Juan The Phantom as Don Juan
I didn't want to watch this movie back in the time as "only" Antonio fan. Now I discovered GB and am STUNNED by his performance. There should be two movies. One for each of them *sigh*


Jun. 4th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Okay, I am amazed by myself. I LOVE John Connor in the theatre! But since I can't play with him yet, I am nowadays able to split my heart and adore Gerry on my little screen. God he was yummy as Attila the hun! *sighhhhhhh*

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Seems to have stolen my heart...or am I just so unfaithful? LOL
Help me Help me
And someone help me...looks like I'm turning into a REAL Gerard Butler fan...

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I think with this movie he's got me big time, even though I don't need yet another favourite actor. Looks like this is my favourite style of hair and beard at the moment of my men, since CB's Jesus almost looks the same.

Since this also could be Creedy at good times, my Quinn/Creedy muse might wake again.
another archaeologist another archaeologist

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Totally unexpected, I've just discovered a new awesome, slashy couple. At least in my opinion...anybody saw this?
hmm another great slashy couple hmm another great slashy couple
opening up a new fan area...

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Maybe the funniest scene of the movie :D Too bad I just read it was a flop. For me it wasn't!!!

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