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Really...I mean REALLY...those two make me go for hetero stuff again...ahem lol
Iron Man, topless :D Iron Man, topless :D

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tsssss this makes me think way way too wicked things...

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Title: Confusion - Chapter 1
Author: Delorita
Fandom: Iron Man / Batman
Pairing: Tony/Bruce/Jim
Genre: slash, romance
Rating: PG 13 (for now)
Word Count: 1220
Disclaimer: They aren't mine! I'm just playing with them and don't make any money out of it.
Summary: Batman is shocked by the news who Iron Man truly is and intends to find out if that's the truth.
Notes: This crossover starts right after "Iron Man" (1) ends. Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are borrowed from Nolan verse (Bale/Oldman), maybe a year after "The dark Knight". They are in a slash, established relationship for me. I will try and make them both fall for Mr. Tony Stark, ending up in a threesome. I also admit that I have a thing for Jarvis and the way "he" and Tony talk together.
My thanks go to [ profile] ladylovelace again for the fast betajob. You rock, Lady :D Read more... )
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supersexy genius at work supersexy genius at work
Did anyone say arm p rn? ;)

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I haven't done a wall in ages and I think it shows, sorry. Anyway this is completely inspired by This Story

[ profile] sorion, I wanted to make the print suit to their rings. I hope it worked at least partly and that you like what I have done :D
Married Married
hehe greetings from the wicked brains lol

Here is the other version for people who can't have it THAT obvious on their desktop (like myself)

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This is surely an actor I want to stare at the hands again all the time...Looks like Bruce appreciates them very much as well ;)

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I just HAD to make this. Because when I saw Tony in his scene, it immediately reminded me of Bruce's "showing biceps" scene. I hope this looks a bit like they'd really look at Tony's device together. And also in the cave. I wanted to make it look like Bruce walks just towards Tony while his making his first mask. I tried to make it not as cluttered as my walls normally are. I hope it doesn't look unfinished instead lol

superhero biceps superhero biceps
pure double yummienessssss

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WOW I haven't posted since over a week! Tsk! And it is all Mr. Stark's fault. Because I started watching him and I just couldn't STOP!!!!! And couldn't stop to search for stuff of him and Mr. Wayne! I know I said Bruce and Jim are made for each other. I still think they are! But I love to discover new points of view and what is better and hotter to combine two majorly rich, sexy, brainy, STRONG superheroes??? This is so way out of RL, that I just want to dive into their worlds and stay there.

I am not really satisfied with my first wall for the two, since I am suddenly painfully aware, that I SHOULD have blue ray...but well I haven't, so these caps have to do. I tried to put into the wall what they have in common. I just couldn't fit everything in so there might be more.

And for those who like BW more (like myself lol)


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