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a Double Drabble, written for a challenge

Story Title: Inappropriate Touch (that's the challenge as well)
Author's name: Del.
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: none

Challenge: August 2010
Notes: Not betaed. Please tell me the mistakes and I’ll correct them! Daniel's POV
Word Count: 200

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JD drabble

Jan. 19th, 2010 11:54 am
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This is written for a challenge. I haven't written for JD in an eternity and am really proud that the sweet plotbunny hit me so fast. I may also drag all my JD stuff from Area52 into my LJ but am not sure yet.

Story Title: Daniel's First Time – Not What You Think
Author's name: Delorita
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Jack and Daniel
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The guys are not mine, I'm just playing with them and don't make any
money out of it.
Warnings: Jack's First Person POV
Notes: thanks to Annie for the very fast beta
Word Count: 100

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merry xmas 08 merry xmas 08

Jack in S1

Jul. 21st, 2008 05:27 pm
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JD in Hathor JD in Hathor
I just wanted to do a yummy Jack wall *sigh*

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JD in Continuum JD in Continuum
*sighhhhhing and running after the plotbunny*

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Siriala is member of the week at SD. I made this wall for her.

Read more... ) I hope I'll find a good story as solution for this soon. I just know I am not feeling like writing one myself...
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You've got LOTS of gifts at SSD waiting for you! I bet you are on vacation...Anyway, Happy belated bday overhere too and I hope you like my little gift and the movie as well!


Happy Bday 2008 Will!! Happy Bday 2008 Will!!
When I saw this scene with Daniel, I thought he looked better then EVER!! Even limping!! *sigh*

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sorry this is the same wall LOL

That's ambitious That's ambitious
I think their hands are very distracting in those scenes. Not sure why LOL I made this for Siriala's bday in 2008. bisous honey!!

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I have been busy for a challenge. I made all those icons and banners for S4. I hope to do some more. One of these days I may upload them to LJ too. I hope this works!! Feel free to snag and use. Credite and FB would be cool.
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it was brief but I am glad I COULD capture it :D:D:D It doesn't even need a cut since it COULD go by with friendship. But for me it surely isn't. I think Jack's VERY found (is that the word??) of HIS antropologist...

Jack's touch Jack's touch
I just discovered this scene NOW after being a fan of the two over YEARS! It clearly warms my heart.

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Edna made me write this. Because there was a Daniel/John/Jack cap on one of her walls...

An unexpected statement
by Del.

Rating: PG

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that sentence couldn't go by without a naughty wall LOL All manips by the very talented KJ!!

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Happy Anniversary SSD
Happy Anniversary SSD
I made this for my favourite Stargate yahoogroup.

oh and I have yet another question. How do I do those little *mood* pix? Can I put them in when I have a free account? And if I want to create them, what's the right pixel size?
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I made those for a challenge. Feel free to snag. I am REALLY glad that my JD muse isn't completely lost! The general is made from a manip by Rosenrot and the slashy couple made from a manip by Debs. Enjoy!

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So here's the short story for those who are interested. (I WAS going to send it to area 52 but I think I am too stupid or too impatient to format it for their archive *sigh*)

Fate or not?
By Del.

Spoilers: Fireman Jack universe
Rating: preslash
Pairing: a very young Daniel and fireman Jack
Notes: This little story is TOTALLY inspired by Deoneta’s Fireman Jack manip for the June challenge at Pepe’s Place. Many thanks go to Cimmie and Jillie for the constructive betas.

Wordcount: 847

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my latest obsession :D When you scroll down and the pix weren't enough for your JD liking, there is a tiny story for the chief and the psychologist there. (Everything made for the June Challenge at Pepe's Place.)

Spoilers: The Changeling
Pairing: Chief O’Neill and psychologist Dr. Jackson
Rating: PG 13 / ER
Notes: The image of Daniel in that brownish shirt and Jack in the white one just wouldn’t leave me alone. Thanks again to my dear beta, Jillie.

Warning: I don’t know. Coitus interruptus?

Flashfic: 815 words / Jack’s POV


An invitation
By Del.

“Look, I know a resident psychologist here. I'll have a talk with him. He's good, you'll like him.“

Because I like him too. Well, no, make that, I love him.

Or even better, I am IN love with him.

And right now I’m on my way home to have lunch with him.

When I open the door of his apartment a heavenly smell enters my nostrils.

He’s cooked. It’s one of his passions, besides me that is.

The table is already set on the balcony.

“You’re late.” His sleepy sexy voice is greeting me from one of the lounge chairs.

“Yeah, sorry, the visit at the hospital took me a little longer than I thought.”

I bend down to give him a brief kiss, sensing he doesn’t have time for more. But his tongue sneaks out and his arms come around my neck. He kisses me thoroughly. I have to hold myself up on the arms of the chair so we won't crush it with our double body weight.

I feel his chuckle start during the kiss, and it’s contagious. I heave him up with me and when we stand we are both laughing.

“What’s that smell?”

“Sit down, you’ll see.”

He goes into the kitchen and I’m painfully aware that he’s dressed for work already.

The brownish shirt.

The one that is my favourite to see on him. My favourite to take off of him.

When he comes back, carrying two pans, I stifle a sigh.

“Can I …can I make a request?” I just HAVE to ask.

“Sure.” He starts to put the food onto my plate. Looks like grilled fish, potatoes and an interesting dressing. Yum.

“Can you…please…” I taste the meal and commend it with an “hmmm” first because I don’t know how to phrase my question.

“What?” He’s chewing, squinting at me over the rim of his glasses against the sunlight that’s coming around.

“Tastes heavenly,” I enthuse.

“Jack, what question?”

“Can you change the shirt?” I mumble.

“What?” Of course he didn’t understand me since I spoke with my mouth full.

“I’ll show you,” I say when I’m finished eating and pull him out of his chair.

I shove him in front of the mirror in the bedroom.

“See.” I stay back behind him, waving vaguely at his form.

“What?” he asks over his shoulder. “Is it dirty? Do I smell sweaty?”

“No! Just LOOK at you.”

He bends his head from side to side, turns around to try to see his back. Then looks at his front again, shaking his head. “I see nothing wrong with it.”

Of course he doesn’t. He doesn’t because he doesn’t know how sexy he’s looking in it. The material clinging to his biceps, the open collar showing the first smooth expanse of his chest. And …and…

I reach around and squeeze one of the erect nipples I can see through it.

“Ow! What was that about?” He frowns at me in the mirror.

I take my other hand and caress his other nipple very lightly with my palm.

He sighs and leans back against me unconsciously, closing his eyes.

Suddenly he starts to chuckle again when I don’t stop kneading his nipples.

“That shirt is an invitation, Daniel.”

He turns and looks at me over the rim of his glasses, saying huskily, “You don’t want to be invited?”

“You DID invite me with it.” I remember very clearly our last appointment as patient and doctor. He did wear it back then and we have been a couple ever since. Although we shouldn’t be. Because he promised himself at the beginning of his carrer, never to have an affair with one of his patients. Looks like I convinced him otherwise. Luckily I’m not his patient anymore since we’ve successfully worked through the nightmare I had to come to him with.

“Oh…oh…I thought you have an appointment?”

“Yeah, I have,” he kisses my jaw, “but in about one hour…” he trails his tongue over my Adam’s apple, and I instinctively start to groan, “and I’ll wear this for it.” He points to the suit that’s hanging on the closet door.

Well, that’s sexy, too, but not as much as the shirt.

“Ohhhh yoouuuu…” I bite his neck, blown away by the thought how well he knows me.

“You are not bad yourself in that damn white shirt,” he growls, “and since you’ve got thirty more minutes of your lunchtime…” I feel his long fingers open the buttons of my uniform, tickling my skin, as I lose myself in my doctor’s kiss.

Beep. Beep. Beep.


The alarm of my cell phone completely destroys the mood.


It’s Carter, telling me there’s an emergency just about ten minutes from where I am right now.

“Yeah, on my way.”

“Fuck,” I hear Daniel groan under his breath, rubbing his hard on still trapped in his jeans.

“No, not yet unfortunately.” I kiss him good bye quick but hard, straightening out my shirt, hoping it’s not too rumpled.

“We’ll finish later," I promise.

“Take care.” He smiles, and I see that he buttons his shirt really up high, mouthing, “I love you.”


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woahhhh I am still not used to the fact, that I posses an LJ. I didn't mean to not post for so long. So here is some new worksafe art.

Gotta LOVE those guys. *very deep sigh* It's made for the June Challenge at Pepe's.

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Hey Candygram! thanks for the praise on my mature Daniel/slash wall! I am going back in time now, trying to watch old eps one after the other. I got stuck with Need for the moment...

There is even hopping a plotbunny around on my HD about it now. Hopefully I can catch it fully!!



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