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delorita: hmmm (Tony and Bruce)
Title: Confusion - Chapter 1
Author: Delorita
Fandom: Iron Man / Batman
Pairing: Tony/Bruce/Jim
Genre: slash, romance
Rating: PG 13 (for now)
Word Count: 1220
Disclaimer: They aren't mine! I'm just playing with them and don't make any money out of it.
Summary: Batman is shocked by the news who Iron Man truly is and intends to find out if that's the truth.
Notes: This crossover starts right after "Iron Man" (1) ends. Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are borrowed from Nolan verse (Bale/Oldman), maybe a year after "The dark Knight". They are in a slash, established relationship for me. I will try and make them both fall for Mr. Tony Stark, ending up in a threesome. I also admit that I have a thing for Jarvis and the way "he" and Tony talk together.
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Hello Dear!!! Before I don't have a chance to send you greetings on friday, I figured I'd just post your gift today! Hope you don't mind and I really hope you like your yummy man this way ;)


Jim's different outfits Jim's different outfits
I thought he'd always wear the same shirt and tie...but no he certainly doesn't! This is the counterpiece to the Bruce "different ties" wall :D

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I made more. But I am, as usual, a bit confused by LJ. I am working my way through it, trying to sort out my galleries. So please be patient. LOL

This is, again, Paul from Backwoods. BUT for me it's Gordon. As you can see, I am obsessed with him and Batman at the moment ;)
commissioner bw commissioner bw

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saviors of Gotham saviors of Gotham
What can I say? The beginning of a very special relationship ;)

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Hello to everybody who may read this. I am declaring now officially, that I've started to get obsessed with yet ANOTHER fandom. My love for Stargate, Antonio and the HP stuff is still in my heart. But for now I like to travel a bit into Batman's world. (Thanks again Gary LOL) Not sure how much that may take me into Mr. Bale's as well. But there is no hurry LOL

For now I am obsessed with Batman and Gordon. I joined a nice group and wrote my first drabble for those two for that group. But maybe someone of my SG buddies has a thing for Batman too, without me knowing it ;) So, here it is, along with the smashing manip-wall I wrote it for.

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not much but MAYBE I'll have more time to play with those two the coming week. (Looks like my JD muse needs a little break ;)

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Bedhead Bruce Bedhead Bruce
I think this doesn't need any commend LOL

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Since I cant do a Dark Knight one yet...

Now we are two. Now we are two.


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