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I really hope you two like my little gift! I am really rusty with Daniel/Michael. Sorry!
bday gift bday gift

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fighting the bad guys - Daniel fighting the bad guys - Daniel
made for [ profile] siriala's challange at SD

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*looking a bit proud*

And it's for a, imo, not one of my best icons ever LOL

but I am making the happy dance anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D:D
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I promised myself and my friends, not to neglect my other favourite actors too much ;)

four different roles four different roles
made for one of Siriala's challenges at Stargate Devotion

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First Daniel scene First Daniel scene

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and under the cut for spoilers ;)

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Everybody who likes them, feel free to snag.

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crazy Victor in the bar crazy Victor in the bar
I love my Daniel, but this is REALLY GOOD for a change!!! WICKED VICTOR LOLOL

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Victor the wrangler Victor the wrangler
just simply yummmmmmmmmmmm. ALL of it *SIGH*...tongue, shades, scruffyness, BARE SKIN...

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OMG!!! I CAN'T believe I FINALLY finished this thing!! (Thanks Michael LOL) and I can't believe I didn't write an entry in my LJ since four weeks! Tsk tsk, bad me!

So this is a first. I hope it works. I now try to put in a twenty pages long story and a wall to go with it.

Busca – The Search
Sequel to the movie Once upon a time in Mexico
By Del.

Rating: R
Warnings: This is a story about two men falling in love. Violence towards bad guys.
Summary: After almost three years of utter loneliness El is making a life-changing discovery.
Category: First time, angst, hurt/comfort, adventure
Notes: I started this story two years ago, right after I watched the movie for the first time. I couldn’t make it work properly until recently when I changed the tense and made El’s lover look differently then he was originally looking in my mind. The story is sappy and romantic. It’s my personal happy end for the movie. It is also the longest fanfic I have ever written on my own and I’d say the hardest one as well. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get Carolina back to life again. The self-invented character of Kevin Harrison is inspired by the hot looks and the brilliant acting of Michael Shanks.

HUGE thanks go to Jillie and Cimmie for the beta!!

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