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Title: A fucked up Day
Pairings: HF & BAM
Rating: PG13
Word count: 309
A/N: Written for the Dec 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. Prompt: One of the Boss’ plans not coming together.
Thanks for the quick beta go to karenjd.

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also originally made for the Awards at [ profile] ateam_prompts

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Title:Please Make Me Feel Better
Rating: PG13
Pairing: movie!Murdock/B.A.; for the outsider observations Face/Hannibal
Word Count:1274
Summary: Face and Hannibal watch how Murdock and B.A. finally get closer.
Notes: Again written for the in particular. Again, too, thanks for my dear and enthusiastic beta [ profile] karenjd Who's own version of this is posted beneath mine. It’s set right after the movie ends.

Also, again, a visual first:

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I can see all those different couples and I can mash them all together ;) That's the BEST thing with this fandom. YUMM!!! BIG THANKS for the marvelous caps go to miss [ profile] stackcats
grrrooowwlll grrrooowwlll

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My very first "A-Team the movie" fic. As always when I write in a new fandom, I am very nervous! Written for the [ profile] a_team_kink

Title: The effect of white or black briefs
Pairing: Face/Hannibal and B.A./Murdock
Rating: R
Disclaimer: They are so not mine! But I love them anyway. But I don't make any money with this stuff.
Notes: The prompt was: All of them in underwear. No matter how or why.

This is inspired by an interview with Bradley, Sharlto and Rampage. Boxers or briefs ;) Unfortunately, Liam wasn't with them so I don't have a quote from him.

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