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I've just read "Before you go" by Poison ivory and it blew my mind away. It was TOTALLY AWESOME and I just HAD to make this wall of Jack and David. I found some caps I hadn't used yet. And I tried that "old foto" style again since the caps were so blurry. Hope someone likes it (Siriala, it's odd, again in this scenes, we get only David's face in full, not Jack :( But I wanted to show the slashyness of it :D )
my Newsies OTP my Newsies OTP
just one of them is a liiiiittle manipped...

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I can not get away from them, even though Antonio is very distracting...They are just slashier and that's where my mind is these days. Read more... )
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I KNOW the caps are bad, but the scene is just so gutwrenching, I HAD to make a wall with it.
Jack and David, intense Jack and David, intense

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just awesome just awesome
VERY convincing

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Read more... )
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I'm totally fascinated by Christian's performance in this movie. More so the more I watch it and see how much work and love got into it. WOW just WOWOWOWOW!!! And I can't get this song out of my head and some of the other ones like "King of New York" or "Seize the day"
Santa Fe Santa Fe
Christian singing for real!

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Sorry, the caps aren't the best quality and I am not really sure if this works but looking at him, makes me forget how to think coherently *blush*

As promised to [ profile] siriala :D Jack (or is that Francis?) only (almost) Hope you enjoy!
Jack Kelly Jack Kelly
no words needed

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OH MY G O D I DID NOT KNOW IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS!!! First, I was SO surprised that HE IS SINGING!!! (Glad again I avoid spoilers ;) ) WOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH and I sure didn't want to get second thoughts about such a young guy...but I can't help it *blush*...HE IS PERFECT A G A I N!!! Isn't he?

another slashy couple ;) another slashy couple ;)
I REALLY didn't want to think about slash when I started to watch this movie...BUT...IT SEEMS TO BE least for me *sigh*


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