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Watching Timeline, gave me the idea and the neccessary Gerry cap...This is my very first try on a manip, so please be kind LOL

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How to make Things better
By Del.

Fandom: Reign of Fire
Pairing: Quinn and Creedy (slash, Established Relationship)
Rating: NC17
Notes: Creedy just can not be dead! My new hobby is, bringing dead movie characters back to life. A huge thank you, for taking care of my sometimes still odd grammar and sentence structure, goes to my dear and very constructive beta [ profile] willwallaby

Of course the boys aren’t mine. I am only playing with them and don’t make any money out of it.

Warnings: First: It might be too sappy, sorry about that. Second: My muse wanted this to be in a changing first POV. Partly Quinn, partly Creedy. The story starts in the scene where Creedy actually dies in the movie…

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Maybe the funniest scene of the movie :D Too bad I just read it was a flop. For me it wasn't!!!

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Who is in charge? Who is in charge?

looks like I WILL do walls for all of their scenes. (sorry for the repeat for those who have seen it already)
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Looks like I am determined to make a wall for each of their scenes...cut for spoilers this time

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My writing muse struck too...not as much as I wanted but it's a start LOL

cut for spoilers of the movie

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I am not sure with the blending of this. But the closeups just didn't work any other way.
intense intense
Bittersweet scene. *sigh*

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Some people might not see what I see in this pic, I hope my slasher friends do ;) And I love the quote, even though it belongs to the scene before that one.
admiring glance admiring glance
Any words needed?

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Can't have enough of those two.

pure slash pure slash
I can't help it. O N E TRACK MIND!

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I just lost my heart, AGAIN, to a character played by Christian. Quinn from "Reign of Fire" is so...I don't know. Words actually fail me. Maybe I can come up with some coherent thoughts later. I made this. Because there is fire between them, and not only that of dragons. *sigh* And Gerard Butler really isn't bad for the eye either. (So glad CB seem to have always interessting guys to play with :D )

Only best friends? Only best friends?
I want more of them. I watched the movie and it made BANG! They are SO adorable together, imo.


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