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Santa brought this interesting movie to me :D:D cut for spoilers Read more... )
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Lets just say it's as scary and moving as "Schindler's list". Read more... )
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COOL MOVIE!!! Imo, very thrilling and truely worth watching if you like action stuff. I actually wanted to watch it in two sessions but I COULND'T tear my eyes away from the screen. Spoilers under the cut Read more... )
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I was just watching a lot of eps in a row to finally see Will again! And I gotta admit he looks much more adult in this last one! I totally love it! It's thrilling and we see him actually fight a bit :D So glad he did learn how to defend himself! Of course my favourite scene is the last one when he's wearing that blue sweater that totally matches his incredible eyes! But really Sidney, I envy you! Having a best friend like THIS! I can not see him with a girlfriend though...
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First of all, back in the day, I LOVED Boy George and Culture Club! I think “Camilia” was the first song I ever recorded!

And now I love this ep! Read more... )

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I FINALLY SAW IT!!!! Read more... )
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WOW!!! JUST DOUBLE WOW!!!! Read more... )
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Hehe you know what? I REALLY like this movie! Read more... )
delorita: hmmm (ATeam movie Hannibal smokin) this was another piece of "I really didn't expect this" lol MAJOR SPOILERS under the cut Read more... )
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Sharlto you ROCK! okay...this was a different piece of art...cut for spoilersRead more... ) There will be a wall for this asap!
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okayyy---REALLY COOL MOVIE!!!!! HUGE spoilers after the cutRead more... )
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I actually went there because someone at the A-Team kink meme wanted a crossover and, seeing part 1 and 2 with my daughter, I promised to go with her and see it in the theatre, because this HAS to be seen on the big screen. Read more... )
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AND I AM EVEN MORE IN L O V E WITH PHIL then before! Cuz Bradley looks SUPERHOTFUCKINGSEXY the ENTIRE TIME! Wonderful closeups of eyes and bod and well MEGAYUMMY!!! (IMO) LOVELOVELOVE HIM!!!! But...spoilers after the cut Read more... )
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Looks like I have the wrong opinion of that ep. Here is what I thought was cool, until someone said she hates that ep :( Read more... )
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(what's wrong with LJ??!!! AGAIN I couldn't access it for a whole day!!)

So this is the first ep in the A-Team franchaise EVER that made me cry. I mean really cry. Seeing Face walking down that road all alone is the saddest thing I have seen (even though his ass was the point on screen I kept staring at). WHY didn’t they try to make him stay? Did they know he’d come back anyway? The way Hannibal said good bye made my heart hurt so much, that I am inclined only to read movie stuff in the future. Not even a hug???!!!! Murdock reacted at least somewhat sad. BA hugged him! And why does he come down to the meeting in his PJs anyway? I'm getting the impression, the makers of the series make him a complete fool from time to time :(

At least the Welcome back from the Colonel was a bit more emotional. They both looked truly happy.
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(GOD! I thought I'd never have access to my LJ again! Happy they smoothed out the glitch!)

A lease with an option to die

I LOVED IT!!! It was a totally great team ep imo but had wonderful “couple” moments as well. Hannibal and Murdock as mum and son? PRICELESS!

BA saying he's the Boss of the A-Team and Hannibal going along with it *VBG*

BA puddy in the hands of his mum, priceless as well, little Scooter (hope I got that right). And I love the way he orders Face to scam a private jet lolol

Face finally FIGHTING like a man and Hannibal taking him seriously for a change.

Murdock and BA’s mum, cute!!!
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Read more... )
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Read more... )
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Ben is SO CUTE!!! (and I had to imagine Bradley’s voice all the time * sigh *) And he really deserves a happy ending, doesn’t he? I just can’t understand why his wife never had sex with him * H U H ??? * I like Scarlett Johanson a lot and thought they’d end up together. I really felt so sorry for the poor guy. (and yeah…calls for another A-Team crossover…)

All in all I wouldn’t want to watch the movie again, except for Bradley’s parts. Too many women in it and I thought none of the other guys was sexy at all. (Not a Ben Afflec fan, not sure why.) I think that was a typical romcom.


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