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I gotta admit, I started watching it very sceptical...Read more... )
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I'm getting the feeling that there are much more people interested in Marcus and Kyle, then in John Connor. I am really really sad about that. Anyway, this is for [ profile] art_badger who writes John and Marcus 100 percent true to the movie, imo. Not slash, but deep friendship and very strong characters and I love that.

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fandom jumpinggggg...this wall was a b++ch. I started it last year and it just didn't want to cooperate because of the bad cut of the caps. (Why do they so seldom show all of the peoples heads???)

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for Connor ;)
made for [ profile] art_badger's request.
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I just watched the making of (which I surprisingly DO have on my DVD :D ) and I wanted to make this wall right afterwards. Even though Christian rather looks like one certain Mister Borden, then John Connor LOL

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I got my DVD!!!!!!!!!! This may not be so pretty, but it's the wall I wanted to make ever since I saw the movie in the theatre. The way they save each other's life is one of the best moments in this movie! S L A S H Y!

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Now that the contest is over, I think I can show them around a bit LOL

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*jumping to my other favourite actor* (and LUCKILY a SLASHY pairing *sigh*)

It's made for this story at [ profile] connor_wright and I have no idea how to hide the link, sorry *hanging head in shame*
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(I hope I got that right *blush*) Hello my dear Siriala! I wish you allllll the best for your birthday and that the coming year wont be so stressful with work and unpleasant RL stuff, but full with movies of your favourite men and lots of fun with your real life and online friends. Lots of health and lots of money!!

I made you two gifts. I hope you like them. In the first wall I tried to make something completely different from what you can find about Marcus and John online. I wanted to show them more private, not so much the soldiers.

The second one, well I made that before the T4 one. I love the colors in this scene. I think both Marek and Chris look especially sexy in the nowaday scenes. The blue shirt matching Chris' eyes, and Marek's sweater just shows his lean body so well...

So, again, HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!

your friend Del.


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