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a Double Drabble, written for a challenge

Story Title: Inappropriate Touch (that's the challenge as well)
Author's name: Del.
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: none

Challenge: August 2010
Notes: Not betaed. Please tell me the mistakes and I’ll correct them! Daniel's POV
Word Count: 200

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JD drabble

Jan. 19th, 2010 11:54 am
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This is written for a challenge. I haven't written for JD in an eternity and am really proud that the sweet plotbunny hit me so fast. I may also drag all my JD stuff from Area52 into my LJ but am not sure yet.

Story Title: Daniel's First Time – Not What You Think
Author's name: Delorita
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Jack and Daniel
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The guys are not mine, I'm just playing with them and don't make any
money out of it.
Warnings: Jack's First Person POV
Notes: thanks to Annie for the very fast beta
Word Count: 100

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I felt like b&w today. And no, I surely don't slash those two LOL
fighting the bad guys - Jack fighting the bad guys - Jack
second challenge entry

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fighting the bad guys - Daniel fighting the bad guys - Daniel
made for [ profile] siriala's challange at SD

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*looking a bit proud*

And it's for a, imo, not one of my best icons ever LOL

but I am making the happy dance anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D:D
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And it's for this older Daniel wall :D *looking very proud*

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This is something completely different then before! Siriala suggested this challenge at SD. It was a true challenge for me!

for Siriala's challenge for Siriala's challenge
I really had a hard time with this but WANTED to do an entry at SD. Hope it looks somewhat ok.

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at least I assume it is one LOL
Daniel, the warrior Daniel, the warrior
I know he's a peaceful man. But I think this is one of the hottest pix of him EVER *blush* LOOK at that bicep!

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and under the cut for spoilers ;)

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I can not help it, I suddenly have a new point of view LOL

Tough choice Tough choice
Jack, Daniel and Sam...friendship or more? ;)

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I just COULDN'T help this:

Good Morning, Campers!
By Del.

Spoilers: a tiny one for Stargate Continuum
Pairing: Jack/Daniel/Sam Established Relationship (Please slashers, don't hate me now LOL)
Rating: NC17
Warnings: PWP. Yes, it IS a threesome. I fully admit that. And it may be wayyyy too sappy.

Notes: The very first scene in the pyramid, with Daniel and Jack yawning, made me think what was going on the night before. Well, the muse wanted it a different way than I wanted it at first. I hope some of you don’t mind. I may write a more serious piece or maybe continue this one. But I am not sure yet.

PLEASE DO NOT archive it at Area 52 without asking me first!!

I don’t own any of these guys and don’t make any money out of this. My BIG thanks go to my dear beta Jillie again!


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Jack in S1

Jul. 21st, 2008 05:27 pm
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JD in Hathor JD in Hathor
I just wanted to do a yummy Jack wall *sigh*

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JD in Continuum JD in Continuum
*sighhhhhing and running after the plotbunny*

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Siriala is member of the week at SD. I made this wall for her.

Read more... ) I hope I'll find a good story as solution for this soon. I just know I am not feeling like writing one myself...
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You've got LOTS of gifts at SSD waiting for you! I bet you are on vacation...Anyway, Happy belated bday overhere too and I hope you like my little gift and the movie as well!


Happy Bday 2008 Will!! Happy Bday 2008 Will!!
When I saw this scene with Daniel, I thought he looked better then EVER!! Even limping!! *sigh*

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Immertreu's bday wall
Immertreu's bday wall
Daniel in sexy leatherjacket. Blue eyes sparkling and that smile...

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sorry this is the same wall LOL

That's ambitious That's ambitious
I think their hands are very distracting in those scenes. Not sure why LOL I made this for Siriala's bday in 2008. bisous honey!!

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I have been busy for a challenge. I made all those icons and banners for S4. I hope to do some more. One of these days I may upload them to LJ too. I hope this works!! Feel free to snag and use. Credite and FB would be cool.
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but with this outfit he somehow did...and I just LOVE his with all my other favourite men *sigh* BUT this is a friendship wall, since I see not spark between them as Vala and Cam! Maybe that will change once I've watched Farscape LOL

Friends Friends


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