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Apr. 3rd, 2010 11:56 am
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Since I had with both [ profile] ladylovelace and [ profile] tabby_stardust a little chat about our dear Holmes's wardrobe, I thought I'd make a wall for that reason.
Holmes's fashion Holmes's fashion

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This is completely inspired by Jude's astoinishing performance as Lord Alfred Douglas in "Wilde" and made for the "exploring Watson" challenge at [ profile] holmeswatson09

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I love the fact that you see their sweat glistening on their faces!!! Sorry about the odd looking pic in the left upper corner. It was cut this way! But their gazes were so intense, I WANTED to use it desperately!

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Finally I had time to play again!! Nothing naughty but I hope you like them anyway! Mr. Holmes and the companionpiece of Dr. Watson. I just HAD to play with those gorgeous closeups!
Holmes portrait Holmes portrait

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Title: Love
Author: by Delorita
Pairing/Characters: Holmes/Watson
Rating: R (to be on the save site)
Word Count: 1311
Spoilers: none
Summary: Have a look at Holmes's and Watson's feelings about each other.

Notes/Warnings: This is completely inspired by this extraordinary manip from [ profile] tabby_stardust.
It rendered me completely speechless, left the image printed into my brain and let my muse write in this strange form and in changing POVs. Please be gentle with me, I know they don't sound much different, but that's due to the fact that I didn't see the movie in original yet and nether had the time to read the huge book. Big thanks for the fast help and the encouraging words of my dear beta [ profile] ladylovelace

Disclaimer: not mine, just playing and not making any money.

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Sooooo because I got SO MUCH FB for the first part, my muse decided to write more. I still like the first part best but the second and third drabble are for practice to write them :D [ profile] candygram_5000 I hope you like it anyway ;) (I'm posting all three together so you readers get the right feeling for it)

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over at [ profile] holmeswatson09 I am totally speechless. I've NEVER had SO MUCH FB before at once. WOW, just WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!

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This is definately a first. With Christian I was able to imagine vaguely some real person interaction with his co stars like Sean Bean or Gerry Butler.

BUT Robert and Jude are just SO OBVIOUS that all their interviews and pix yell "SUBTEXT" at me. So here are my two first walls with rpf in mind. I pray there will be a sequel to this movie one day so we'll get much more of this crazy stuff. The red is taken right out of Jude's sexy scarf. I did the grey one for those who don't like it so colorful.

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I suddenly had the urge to make something only about HIM! Because I do think he kicks ass!!! I know there are icon makers out there who create much better stuff. But if you like them, feel free to snag :D

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Thanks to my dear friend Deoneta I got the desired effect with this one! gotta have to write it DOWN!!!
the couple in sepia the couple in sepia

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Hello my dear friend! I made this for you. Hope the slashyness of it makes you feel all fuzzy and good for your bday! I also hope you'll get lots of gifts and stuff about your favourite actors! My biggest wish for you H E A L T H!!!

hugs from Del.
so comfortable so comfortable

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