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I thought Robert's Holmes needs some more attention ;)

(I know I can do better, but somehow I didn't find the right effects for this one.)
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I can't believe I didn't do a wall with this very inspiring manip! But reading [ profile] enkiduts ongoing angsty tale about the two, made me do this. I am not sure what poetry that quote is from she's using but I found it totally beautiful and fitting!
I love thee I love thee
another illustration art for Enkiduts "Finality"

Dear Author :D Please feel free to snag it and use it for illustration of chapter 33a!!! *huggggssss and thanks again for giving me such an impressive and enjoyable, angsty story!!!! My poor Watson! He's sooooooooooooooo strong for his Holmes!!!*
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[ profile] enkiduts Please feel free to put it in your story. I am not sure to what chapter it may belong. I just think the look on Holmes' face is just so hurt, so devastated, as though his whole world just chattered completely. And Robert does such a perfect job! His eyes...god, I want to hug him!!! And Watson, even though they just yelled at each other, he seems to be so sad to leave Holmes alone there in prison. I think it looks like Mary is looming a bit like a demon between them with her hood on. I left her in on purpose, to make clear how much she stands between them at first. Sorry for no effects, but the muse didn't feel like it.
Devastation Devastation
Both Robert and Jude are incredible at playing sad.

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For those who know the movie, this isn't as terrible as it seems but I'll put it under a cut anyway. It's again made for [ profile] enkiduts and her story "Fragility" Read more... )
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I am sososo addicted to [ profile] enkiduts "Finality" that I just can't help making walls for it, even unique ones for me (like featuring a woman! lol)
Mrs. Hudson, the Nanny Mrs. Hudson, the Nanny

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I LOVE this scene and the way Robert plays it. Angsty. Thoughtful. His eyes full of fear. Almost reaching the limits of his extraordinary mind. I can feel his tension while watching it. All the time he's got the picture of his badly injured friend in the back of his mind. Awesome!
broaden your mind broaden your mind
Robert at his best!

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This wall is again inspired by [ profile] enkiduts. The very first two sentences of this gave me the idea that I HAVE to make a wall of him and his Stardivarius. So that he might play again soon!
Holmes and his Stradivarius Holmes and his Stradivarius

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OUR dog OUR dog

inspired by one of the first paragraphs in this wonderful story
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I don't know how often I've watched their scenes piece by piece now, sentence by sentence. I wanted to make a wall about this particular part of the scene since a while. The way Watson looks up at Holmes, feeling a tiny bit guilty about his sarcastic remarks makes me smile. I love to see him a bit submissive. But I also like that Holmes asks him "Allow me to explain." It shows, that he too, is submissive. Don't you think?
Allow me to explain... Allow me to explain...

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This really reminds me of SG1 times where we made not only happy stuff, but darkish stuff as well...Those "exploding" walls are completely inspired by this story:

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As my desktop pic it certainly looks like they are standing just like that...
too close too close

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Tiny moment, but I totally adore it. Blink and you've missed it. Sorry for the odd composition but I just HAD to make this wall.
walking around you walking around you
tiny favourite scene...

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They don't need words...
look me in the eye look me in the eye
Doesn't that LOOK say everything?

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There is nothing else on my mind right now but them!!!!
sitting together sitting together
Just look at Watson's left hand. There is not much to say, or is there? ;)

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OMG, this took me wayyy longer then I thought it would! The pix are so A W E S O M E, but I needed an eternity to put them together and to get the desired effect. Need to ask on art group how to get this whole thing into sepia. The caps render me almost speechless though...
U S T !! U S T !!
No words needed...or are there? ;)


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