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Fandom: Swing Kids
Pairings: Peter/Thomas, Arvid/Helga, Otto/Nestor (OC)
Rating: PG13 (for this chapter)
Disclaimer: They are all so not mine, I'm just playing with them again and don't make any money out of it.
Notes: One part of me is happy that it's finally finished. I've never written a several chapter story before and it was really hard. The other part of me is a bit sad that I lost my muse for Peter, Thomas and Arvid. But maybe it comes back somewhen. Here is the Epilogue.

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Serenade in Blue wall Serenade in Blue wall
For some reason my muse thought all of this fits together.

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Out of Ruins
Chapter 2
by Delorita

Fandom: Swing Kids
Pairing: Peter/Thomas
Rating: Pg13
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. They belong to the moviemakers. I don't make any money out of this.

A/N: Again, warning about sappynessssss…Guess it depends on how touchy, feely you are.
Double mega thanks to my wonderful patient beta [ profile] rustie73

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I can completely understand why Thomas is falling for Peter...
counterpiece to Thomas, thinking of old times counterpiece to Thomas, thinking of old times
I hope some RSL fans may find this.

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Thomas, thinking of old times. Thomas, thinking of old times.
The "Thomas" pic is from Godmoney (Thanks [ profile] siriala) but I thought it fits a thoughtful Thomas Berger exactly. One who had just survived the war...

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This movie was just too much for me. I can't get the characters out of my head. [ profile] rustie73, this is for us. I wish I'd find an active comm for this. But as usual, I am probably too late or have no clue how to find one. Anyway, please enjoy and I hope it gives me some inspiration to finish his story!
Herr Hitman, happy Herr Hitman, happy
This is my favourite character right after Thomas and Peter. He's got depth, looks cute (imo) and plays the guitar just fantastic! And there is a certain problem I have to solve for him...

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I just HAD to make this wall. It reminds me 1) of Bruce Wayne and 2) of Melvin Purvis...Isn't he just awesomely looking in that outfit at the tender age of 18 (or so) already? Even though he wears the hat a bit strangely. (I think it's no real fedora, but Peter's is)
it's all about the outfit it's all about the outfit

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Actually, I should write this in German, since the movie is about Germans IN Germany...but I can't, since they talk english. I really wonder, why this isn't available in German. It's about OUR history! And this wall...I think it needs no further words. *sighhhhhhhhhhh*

hugging... hugging...
they don't know it, but they love each other, I'd say

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my oh my...this was something else (Yeah, I am making my way through my stack of Christian movies)...I actually don't really know what to say but I feel like I want to say SO MUCH about it!! GOD! THE DANCING!!!!!!!! awwwwwwww the music and the dancing...especially...of Peter and Thomas TOGETHER! The whole beginning was screaming *SLASHYYY* at me!!! (and the very end too!!)

And then the dragic and sadness and change of it all...snifffffff...I'd say it was a very very well made movie, and it made me think and nearly cry again.

So, yummyness and sense and slash, and really good music, very impressive combination! Gotta LOVE Thomas and Peter now, and their poor friend!

Gotta go and think about this and sort out my caps---


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