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I know I said to several different people, that I need to write again. RL seems to get in the way all the time at the moment. Then I remembered, I hadn't even posted my latest story! It's about Andre Marek (yummy Gerry Butler) and Chris (yummy Paul Walker). It only is PG 13 because I might post it at as well.

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(I hope I got that right *blush*) Hello my dear Siriala! I wish you allllll the best for your birthday and that the coming year wont be so stressful with work and unpleasant RL stuff, but full with movies of your favourite men and lots of fun with your real life and online friends. Lots of health and lots of money!!

I made you two gifts. I hope you like them. In the first wall I tried to make something completely different from what you can find about Marcus and John online. I wanted to show them more private, not so much the soldiers.

The second one, well I made that before the T4 one. I love the colors in this scene. I think both Marek and Chris look especially sexy in the nowaday scenes. The blue shirt matching Chris' eyes, and Marek's sweater just shows his lean body so well...

So, again, HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!

your friend Del.
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I can't believe it. This is my second hetero story in about four weeks...What's WRONG with me? LOLOL Must be the movie jumping I do lately.

Title: Home
Author: Del.
Fandom: Timeline
Pairing: Marek/Claire
Rating: PG13
Notes: Yes, I admit it, I’m in love with Andre Marek myself. Even though I see the wonderful slash between him and Chris in the beginning of the movie, my muse wanted to write about Marek and the cute, strong Lady Claire first. I’m glad she isn’t as naughty in the movie as she is in the book. * grin * Thanks for the betawork go to my dear friend [ profile] immertreu

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This movie wont leave me alone. And it's weird. In the beginning I very strongly see Chris and Andre together. Unfortunately it changes with canon. I can't help and see the strong attraction between Lady Claire and Marek as well! I kinda love to think in both directions :D

friends... friends...

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bare chest... bare chest...
just *siigghhhhh* I know I am a completely shallow person...

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Seems to have stolen my heart...or am I just so unfaithful? LOL
Help me Help me
And someone help me...looks like I'm turning into a REAL Gerard Butler fan...

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I think with this movie he's got me big time, even though I don't need yet another favourite actor. Looks like this is my favourite style of hair and beard at the moment of my men, since CB's Jesus almost looks the same.

Since this also could be Creedy at good times, my Quinn/Creedy muse might wake again.
another archaeologist another archaeologist

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Totally unexpected, I've just discovered a new awesome, slashy couple. At least in my opinion...anybody saw this?
hmm another great slashy couple hmm another great slashy couple
opening up a new fan area...


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