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This took wayyyy longer then I wanted it to take. The caps just didn't cooperate but I just love those scenes!
great team work great team work

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Yeah well, I can't help it lol
We really fucked up We really fucked up

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I'm sorry, my wallpaper muse is totally rusty. I am not really satisfied with this but I want to post it anyway lol Hannibal ALWAYS has to have his hands on his boy...
love in various eps love in various eps

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He DESERVES IT SOSOSOSOSOSO much and I just could help and make a BIG SMILY WALL!! YOU GO BRADLEY!!!!!
The Sexiest Man Alive The Sexiest Man Alive

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for some odd reason I couldn't post it in the story post. *scratches head*
Bonus wp for my challenge entry 0811 Bonus wp for my challenge entry 0811

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for the challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts
wp featuring Bosco wp featuring Bosco

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Another man (from The other man ;) for a change :D
Happy Bday 2011 Happy Bday 2011

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evil? ;) evil? ;)

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sigghhh sigghhh

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male gentleness, male tenderdess...gotta L O V E THIS!!!!
hhmmm most serious love scene :D hhmmm most serious love scene :D

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They are just just...LOVE THEM!!!
hhmmm beautiful couple! hhmmm beautiful couple!

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My writing muse is stuck. So I made this, loving "Mr. Toni" :D
Mr. Toni & Hannibal Mr. Toni & Hannibal

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angsty D9 wall or Murdock gets tortured angsty D9 wall or Murdock gets tortured

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I made...not got lolol YESSSSSSSSSSS

hhhmmmm yeesss too!!! :D

and hehe, I know some girls just love him as well!!! I think he's a deliciously BAD BAD GUY :D
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Yes, I'm determined to post them all today lolol Made for [ profile] ateam_prompts Sorry for the spamming! But I thought I'd make up for a lot of days not posting in here at all!!!

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also originally made for the Awards at [ profile] ateam_prompts

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I made those for the Awards at [ profile] ateam_prompts a long time ago. Meant to post them but completely forgot!!! Please feel free to snag them and use as walls, they stretch beautifully to 1024x768

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And in case someone is wondering where I am. Well, he's consuming my brain at the moment together with Face and Hannibal. I am writing a major crossover story, that's why I am not updating my journal at the mo. I'm not fallen from the face of the earth :D I just...WANT HIM...oops


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