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delorita ([personal profile] delorita) wrote2011-12-25 06:40 pm
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Christian in "The Fighter"

Santa brought this interesting movie to me :D:D cut for spoilers First of all...well I had seen pix of him skinny and with less hair, but I was really a bit shocked when I saw him sit there on that sofa, only recognizable by his sexy voice. * sigh * The performance was EXCELLENT though and he surely, I mean SURELY DESERVED HIS OSCAR!!!! * applauding again * He WAS DICKY! Absolutely stunning transformation from a superhero into a fallen sports man. I am glad the message of the movie was so positive and he came over the drugs and him and Micky managed to work through the complicated family stuff. But seeing his body like this, even though he had good muscles hurt.

Am I a bad person for not wanting to watch this again and again even though he was much more in there then I thought he would be? * hides * (I AM a sucker for superheroes lol) Loved his "fucking" triade, though lolol

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