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2013-12-03 08:21 pm

kind of update

I just looked at my posts and saw that I was stuck with the entry of the LJ copy. *scratching head* At the moment I don't want to post a lot twice so I rather stay with LJ since I pay there even though it annoys me yet again since I don't seem able to easily reply...

Anyway, I'm totally into Jack and Stephen and Master and Commander right now and posting in perfect duet.

And I'm confused lolol
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2011-12-26 03:16 pm

HBAMF story with toys again

Title: Murdock’s new collection
Pairing: HBAMF (could be both verses)
Rating: Pg13
Word Count: 588
A/N: Written for the Dec. 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts for the prompt “toys”.
Thanks KJ :D

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2011-12-26 03:10 pm

Little Christmas A-Team story

Title: A fucked up Day
Pairings: HF & BAM
Rating: PG13
Word count: 309
A/N: Written for the Dec 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. Prompt: One of the Boss’ plans not coming together.
Thanks for the quick beta go to karenjd.

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2011-12-25 06:40 pm
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Christian in "The Fighter"

Santa brought this interesting movie to me :D:D cut for spoilers Read more... )
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2011-12-25 10:09 am

Hannibal and Face wall for Xmas

This took wayyyy longer then I wanted it to take. The caps just didn't cooperate but I just love those scenes!
great team work great team work

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2011-12-22 08:59 pm

Holmes & Watson/Robert & Jude!! They have me BACK!

OKAYYYYY....just came out of the theatre half an hour ago...and hehe * grinning from ear to ear cut for MAJOR Spoilers Read more... )
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2011-12-19 07:44 am

A-Team movie icons out of manips

Credit to the extraordinary manipping goes to [ profile] karenjd. I used the originals with her permission :D
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2011-12-12 07:29 am

I love Phil Wenneck

Yeah well, I can't help it lol
We really fucked up We really fucked up

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2011-12-06 10:59 am

Hannibal and Face wall for the series

I'm sorry, my wallpaper muse is totally rusty. I am not really satisfied with this but I want to post it anyway lol Hannibal ALWAYS has to have his hands on his boy...
love in various eps love in various eps

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2011-11-21 08:24 am

THE Sexiest Man Alive 2011!!! YES!!!

He DESERVES IT SOSOSOSOSOSO much and I just could help and make a BIG SMILY WALL!! YOU GO BRADLEY!!!!!
The Sexiest Man Alive The Sexiest Man Alive

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2011-11-15 06:16 pm
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I just watched Liam Neeson in "K19"

Lets just say it's as scary and moving as "Schindler's list". Read more... )
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2011-11-14 03:32 pm
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2011-11-01 08:19 am

tiny TV!H/F fic

Title: What the minds deny but the bodies want
Pairing: TV! H/F
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 802
A/N This is inspired by Deadly Maneuvres, because Hannibal looks fit in that one too plus he cares so much for Face when he’s not checking in at the right time! Written for this from [Bad username or site: ”Stackcats” @] at [Bad username or site: ”ateam_prompts” @]
Thanks KJ for the beta :D

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2011-11-01 07:49 am

movie!Face and BA fic

Something is wrong with formatting in here for me. So sorry when the LJ users are not clickable but it messes up everything :(

Title: Falling in love
Pairing: movie!Face/BA
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 914
A/N: Written for Sonora Coneja at ateam_prompts “Team Member A doesn't believe it's possible for men to fall in love with each other, until Team Member B shows him just how wrong that belief is!”

This has been a real challenge for me since Face/BA are the only couple I can’t really see together. Thanks again to Karen for the beta work :D

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2011-10-31 09:21 pm

happy HBAMF fic

Title: A different plan (part 2)
Pairing: HBAMF (both verses)
Rating: R
A/N: This is a birthday gift for my dear beta and also a fill of this prompt:
"Giggling, sniggering, belly laughing, happy, sex. Don't care what pairing, just lots and lots of laughter and sexy good times."
It’s a sequel to this:

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2011-10-30 10:52 am

TV!F/M fic for Alive at Five

Title: A hard decision
Pairing: TV!Face/Murdock
Rating: PG13 / First Time
Notes: Written for liauno at ateam_prompts
Ep. related: Alive at Five (S5) Prompts: Did Face really want to leave? Did Face only say he made up his mind to keep appearance? Did he hope they would try to talk him out of it? After all they are his family and he has no one if he leaves. Was he hurt enough by them not even trying to talk him out of it to walk away? After the briefing with Stockwell Hannibal asks Face when he is leaving? Does he take Face for granted, knowing he has nowhere to go and therefore will always come back? Does Face want to do one last mission or is he not ready to go; wanting to give the Team a chance to change their mind and go with him?

Thanks for beta reading go to the very talented karenjd. Oh and of course the boys aren’t mine! Just playing and not making any money with it!

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2011-10-25 06:39 pm
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2011-10-15 07:40 am
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I dreamed about Christian Bale ;)

Nooo not what you think! Not a hot dream :( BUT he and I were talking together like normal people. He suddenly was among my coworkers. He was wearing a normal light jeans shirt and had that fluffy beard lol and...he spoke fluent German lolol Unfortunately I don't remember what we talked about.

It looks like my subcosious wants to remind me that there are other men out there then the A-Team ;)