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Yeah, I just put this in my profile. Since I can't play with the new team, I fell in love with the first one as well.


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and the first banner with only one man in it...
McDreamy is love McDreamy is love

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okay, it may not interest anybody, but I am finding myself falling and falling and falling more and more for Gerry Butler. And it looks like he almost dies in EVERY role he's playing. "PS: I love you" BEWARE OF SPOILERS )
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I have been busy for a challenge. I made all those icons and banners for S4. I hope to do some more. One of these days I may upload them to LJ too. I hope this works!! Feel free to snag and use. Credite and FB would be cool.
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I am completely obsessed with it at the moment. I think Gary Oldman and Afred Molina did an absolutely fantastic job in it. It's from 1988 and reminds me A LOT of Law of Desire with Antonio Banderas. I guess it was important at that time for young actors, to do a movie about homosexuals. I LOVE my guys for doing them *sigh*, they are SO BRAVE!!!!!

doing a cut for the no slashers

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and two thingies that don't need a cut ;)

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I just discovered, that I still think Daniel Jackson is hot as well ;);) Especially scruffy....
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and the better side of him...

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unfortunately not together LOL...I've just watched their new movies. Gary making a serious one in Spain, learning spanish just for it and speaking english AND spanish in it *sighhhhh*

Antonio making a serious one as well, speaking english and spanish too in it...*another deep sighhhh*

the movies are both hard to watch (no Hollywood mainstream) but I just HAD to.

now...I SO WISH THEY'D DO ONE TOGETHER and preferably a really slashy one...(I know no one is interested in this but I just have to say it somewhere LOLOL)

omg I AM LOST!!
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a niiiiiiiice girl made caps of Antonio's earlllllly movie "Puzzle". They were VERY inspiring and there might be more.

(glad my muse can jump between guys again ;)
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a banner for the nice Forum I just registered to :D they deserve some promotion because I found A LOT of Gary Oldman treasures there already.


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