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Title: A fucked up Day
Pairings: HF & BAM
Rating: PG13
Word count: 309
A/N: Written for the Dec 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. Prompt: One of the Boss’ plans not coming together.
Thanks for the quick beta go to karenjd.

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Title: A different goal or the difficult art of persuasion
Pairing: movie!Face/Murdock
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 2350
A/N: Written for two prompts at [ profile] ateam_prompts. First this: "Face pursuing/seducing Murdock, with the usual Murdockian protests and self-consciosness.
I'd love it to be a first time fic." And I thought I could weave a bit of Murdock in a cowboy hat and bare chest for another prompt into it. Smoochies and thanks as always to [ profile] karenjd

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Title: Possibilities after being Dishonorably Discharged
Character: movie!BA
Rating: PG13 for language
Word count: 785
A/N: Written for the August 2011 challenge at [ profile] ateam_prompts. “What was BA doing down in Mexico before he met Hannibal.” At first I wanted to refuse it because it sounded too hard for me to come up with an idea but then I decided to take the challenge! It’s a bit short, though. But that’s why I made a bonus wall. THANKS [ profile] karenjd for your beta!!

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Title: You spin my head round
Pairing: movie!Hannibal and Face
Rating: PG 13
Wordcount: 5019
Warnings: A bit of hetero sex in the beginning.
Notes: Written for this anon-prompt at [ profile] ateam_prompts: “I kind of like to see Hannibal in a slowly falling-apart marriage or long-term relationship with a woman, but he can't work out what's going wrong until he meets Face and it hits him - he's gay. I'd mainly like to see the thought processes, how Hannibal deals with it, but if it ends in H/F that's wonderful too! (I have a cheating squick, so I'd rather he didn't actually sleep with Face until he's single)”

I choose Hannibal’s POV. Thanks for betaing go to my lovely [ profile] karenjdagain. Thanks sososo much for your encouragement and praise!

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I gotta admit, I am not sure at all if I should post this. I am having the bad feeling that I am failing the two. I am sorry if I got them wrong. My muse is a bit sappy lately.

Title: A beard?
Author: Delorita
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Word count: 980
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: They belong to Sir ACD and Guy Richie. I'm just playing a bit and don't make any money with them.
Notes: First of all, this is inspired by the "beard" discussion at [ profile] holmeaswatson09but has nothing to do with Irene at all. Second, I've always wanted to write a "fix it" piece for the open end of the movie myself.
Thanks for betareading go again to the very talented [ profile] ladylovelace.
I also want to thank [ profile] enkidutsfor her open ear for all my babblings lately.

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Title: You look gorgeous
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own them!
Notes: It's inspired by [ profile] enkiduts wonderful story for my wall . And thanks for the fast beta read goes to my dear beta [ profile] ladylovelace

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As my desktop pic it certainly looks like they are standing just like that...
too close too close

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Title: Confusion - Chapter 1
Author: Delorita
Fandom: Iron Man / Batman
Pairing: Tony/Bruce/Jim
Genre: slash, romance
Rating: PG 13 (for now)
Word Count: 1220
Disclaimer: They aren't mine! I'm just playing with them and don't make any money out of it.
Summary: Batman is shocked by the news who Iron Man truly is and intends to find out if that's the truth.
Notes: This crossover starts right after "Iron Man" (1) ends. Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are borrowed from Nolan verse (Bale/Oldman), maybe a year after "The dark Knight". They are in a slash, established relationship for me. I will try and make them both fall for Mr. Tony Stark, ending up in a threesome. I also admit that I have a thing for Jarvis and the way "he" and Tony talk together.
My thanks go to [ profile] ladylovelace again for the fast betajob. You rock, Lady :D Read more... )
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Yeah, I know, I am allover the place at the moment. Sorry about that. I found this on my harddrive, slumbering since about two years. Hope there are still some Batman/Gordon fans out there who might enjoy it a bit.

Title: Pleasure
Author: Delorita
Rating: Pg13
Genre: PWP Birthday fic
Characters: Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne
Words: 1081
Disclaimer: They are not mine. I'm just playing with them and don't make any money out of it. It's just for fun. They belong to Nolan, MGM etc.
Summary: Jim gets a few nice surprises for his birthday.
Notes: When I wrote this, I had a certain pic of Gary in my head, regarding a special item Gordon has to wear. I bet the Gary fans will know what I am talking about after reading. Many thanks for the uplifting words and the very helpful betawork go to my new beta [ profile] liadanhoward

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Sooooo because I got SO MUCH FB for the first part, my muse decided to write more. I still like the first part best but the second and third drabble are for practice to write them :D [ profile] candygram_5000 I hope you like it anyway ;) (I'm posting all three together so you readers get the right feeling for it)

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over at [ profile] holmeswatson09 I am totally speechless. I've NEVER had SO MUCH FB before at once. WOW, just WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!

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JD drabble

Jan. 19th, 2010 11:54 am
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This is written for a challenge. I haven't written for JD in an eternity and am really proud that the sweet plotbunny hit me so fast. I may also drag all my JD stuff from Area52 into my LJ but am not sure yet.

Story Title: Daniel's First Time – Not What You Think
Author's name: Delorita
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Jack and Daniel
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The guys are not mine, I'm just playing with them and don't make any
money out of it.
Warnings: Jack's First Person POV
Notes: thanks to Annie for the very fast beta
Word Count: 100

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Out of Ruins
Chapter 2
by Delorita

Fandom: Swing Kids
Pairing: Peter/Thomas
Rating: Pg13
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. They belong to the moviemakers. I don't make any money out of this.

A/N: Again, warning about sappynessssss…Guess it depends on how touchy, feely you are.
Double mega thanks to my wonderful patient beta [ profile] rustie73

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I know I said to several different people, that I need to write again. RL seems to get in the way all the time at the moment. Then I remembered, I hadn't even posted my latest story! It's about Andre Marek (yummy Gerry Butler) and Chris (yummy Paul Walker). It only is PG 13 because I might post it at as well.

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