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Title: How to measure an inseam properly
Pairing: TV!Face and Hannibal
Rating: strong R
Wordcount: 591
Disclaimer: They are not mine. They belong to two unfortunately dead people and to two very much alive DB and DSch :D
Notes: Short fic for long prompt at [ profile] ateam_promptsIn the episode "Road Games," Face is undercover as an organized crime flunkie (Russ). In one scene, he and a Bad Guy Minion (Meeks) go to a tailor shop so Face can get fitted for a tuxedo. But the tailor shop is run by Hannibal and Murdock in disguise, as the tailor and his lethargic clerk. Hannibal gets very close and personal with Face as he "measures" him for his neck, chest, and waist fittings. However, the scene skims too quickly over the crouching down of Hannibal to measure Face's inseam.
This must be corrected!! I propose that Tailor Hannibal takes Uncover Face behind the nearby curtain to finish the measurements and also to give him a little oral "encouragement" about his current dangerous assignment.

Thanks again to my busy bee [ profile] karenjd


“Come on, Hannibal!” Face ground out between clenched teeth. “He’s discussing with Murdock, right now.” The Colonel had just deliberately slowly measured his inner thigh, stroking his fingertips across his already tight balls.

They haven’t had a chance to do anything sexual for over a week and it was unnerving, to say the last.

“Tailor” Hannibal looked briefly at H.M.. Their friend was engaging the enemy in a complicated discussion about cufflinks.

The Colonel took advantage of it and pulled an extremely tense Face behind the curtain.

Face opened his fly with shaking hands, erection stretching his tight pants way too much. Hannibal was down on his knees, nuzzling into his Lieutenant’s groin, gasping at the fact that the younger man hadn’t worn any underwear.

“You think that’s appropriate?” He looked up from beneath his fake moustache and curls, his voice tinted with a hint of jealousy.

“It’s the only way those damn pants fit!” Face apologized and tried to slide his fingers through Hannibal’s odd curls but almost caught the wig in his hands. “Oh fuck! Damn disguise!” He was really frustrated.

“Calm down, kid!” the Boss said and slid his tongue appreciatively along Face’s whole hard length. The kid had to stifle a loud groan and Hannibal snickered wickedly.

“Damn, hurry up, Babe!” Face needed to get sucked off by his lover immediately, otherwise he’d cream his pants out of pure neglected frustration.

Hannibal would have loved to take it slow, but there just wasn’t time, so he sucked the well shaped and sized cock into his waiting heat. Face bit his fist and started to thrust, knowing how much Hannibal was able to take. “Oh yeah, that’s good, boss, hmmm that’s it, yess.” Face moved steadily into the Colonel’s mouth, feeling his tongue stroke forcefully across the throbbing vein, cradling Face’s drawn up balls in both his hands.

“Oh good, oh fuck!” Face strained between clenched teeth, sucking his own fingers, then touching Hannibal’s cheek and wetting it with his saliva. The Colonel groaned around Face’s dick and Face felt a tremor jolt through the experienced man’s body. He groaned lustfully, got more and more vigorous with his thrusts and spent himself gloriously into his boss’ mouth. Hannibal swallowed greedily, knowing their time was running out, and adjusted himself awkwardly wincing at the tell tale stain on his own pants.

Suddenly Murdock spoke louder in the other room. Face hurried to zip his pants back up and there stood the enemy, glaring at them.

Hannibal crouched on the floor, muttering in his strange tailor voice, “Where did those cute tiny needles fall? I’m such a schlemiel.” He crawled to yet another curtain on all fours.

“Ah, that damn tailor’s a bit clumsy. Let’s wait outside.” Face grabbed Meek’s arm and shoved him into the front room of the “store”. He winked at Murdock and H.M. grinned at him without the other stupid guy seeing it.

Hannibal came out again with the fitted tuxedo for Face and said in his overly gay voice, “You’ll look deliciously adorable in this particular exemplar I found for you, Russ, honey.”

Face barely managed to suppress a snicker. The brief glance he sneaked at the Colonel’s groin showed him that the boss was still able to change his pants at top speed.

Tailor Hannibal squeezed his shoulder affectionately and said, “It has been my pleasure,” while he shoved Face out of the door, handing him his tux. Face glanced back over his shoulder, winked, and said huskily, “mine, too.”



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