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I promised [ profile] faline_le_fayto write my two cents about the eps down as I watch them. Today it was "Knights of the Road" and I think this one has again a huge Murdock/Face potential! First and foremost because of the little hand battle, that Murdock starts with "Take my hand..." (I tried to make caps but it's all too blurry) and then because Murdock sees how Face tries to flirt with the girl and she shows him only the cold shoulder and Murdock wants a word with Face...(need to watch that again, just too cute)

LOVE Dirk's looks in this one! The blue shirt finally shows that he's got really blue eyes as well! Love the bit where he has to light Hannibal's cigar. lol.

And I think Murdock is the hero in this being all on his own in Mexico. Not crazy at all. All rational thinking when he's on his own. And again, he rescues them! There're also a few cute M/BA scenes :D and as always Dwight at his best acting :D

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Yay! I'm glad you're posting about the epi's! I keep wanting to start from the beginning and do this too, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

The attempted handholding is sooo cute, isn't it? LOL And I actually love that Face is striking out with the girl in this one...can't let that ego get too out-of-control. And the line from BadGuy to Face: "You're a funny guy for a pretty boy." *snark* I love when they call Face on his "pretty", a couple other times in other episodes they do that and he gets all huffy and indignant. LOLOLOL

Isn't this the episode that has the junkyard montage in which BA finds the little birds nest in an old engine? I love those little awwwww touches. ^-^

Oh! & There's the nice innuendo part where Murdock tells BA he fused two wires together so tightly; it was such a beautiful moment, he almost needed a cigarette!!!

BTW, did you get my last private message? Haven't heard from you in a bit, so just wondered. :)
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YES that's the ep with the birdy eggs! BA being all careful to not destroy them! (and there is a terrible plot mistake. There is Murdock in that scene, even though he's in Mexico at that time!)

YES! It's also that statement about pressing and pressing those wires really tightly...I was about to put the subtitles on for that and look for the exact double meaning. hehe I'll do that asap.

Again I have to say that Face looks totally beautiful in this ep. The contrast of the light blue shirt and his tan is just yummy.

I GOT your last message! I wasn't sure if I answered it or not *blush* I have to share my pc with my son at the moment plus RL is a bit busy. I'll try to answer now.

Did you see I made a wall for Road Games? hehe couldn't decide which pic to use so I tried to use all of them lol


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