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Title: A different plan (part 2)
Pairing: HBAMF (both verses)
Rating: R
A/N: This is a birthday gift for my dear beta and also a fill of this prompt:
"Giggling, sniggering, belly laughing, happy, sex. Don't care what pairing, just lots and lots of laughter and sexy good times."
It’s a sequel to this:

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Title: Speed dating with a surprise turn
Pairing: HBAMF
Rating: light R
A/N: Written for [ profile] ateam_prompts “Murdock's feeling kinda left out ever since Boss, Face and BA all hooked up together. So - thinking he's not good enough for them - he goes speed dating. This turns out to be the best idea he's ever had - since the man he goes home with is actually Hannibal in disguise. The other three had been waiting and planning the right moment to ask James to join them in their big snuggly bed and realise in horror that they've left it a bit too late. So they go after him, and bring him back where he belongs.”

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Title: How to measure an inseam properly
Pairing: TV!Face and Hannibal
Rating: strong R
Wordcount: 591
Disclaimer: They are not mine. They belong to two unfortunately dead people and to two very much alive DB and DSch :D
Notes: Short fic for long prompt at [ profile] ateam_promptsIn the episode "Road Games," Face is undercover as an organized crime flunkie (Russ). In one scene, he and a Bad Guy Minion (Meeks) go to a tailor shop so Face can get fitted for a tuxedo. But the tailor shop is run by Hannibal and Murdock in disguise, as the tailor and his lethargic clerk. Hannibal gets very close and personal with Face as he "measures" him for his neck, chest, and waist fittings. However, the scene skims too quickly over the crouching down of Hannibal to measure Face's inseam.
This must be corrected!! I propose that Tailor Hannibal takes Uncover Face behind the nearby curtain to finish the measurements and also to give him a little oral "encouragement" about his current dangerous assignment.

Thanks again to my busy bee [ profile] karenjd


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Yes, it's another [ profile] a_team_kink fill :D

Title: Teaching Lessons
Author: Delorita
Pairing: TV H-BAMF
Rating: R
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine. I’m just playing and don’t make any money!
Here is the visual:

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Title: Five scars that Hannibal watched Face get and the one scar he could help heal
Author: Delorita
Rating: R (to be on the save side)
Paring: Hannibal/Face (movie verse)
Disclaimer: They are not mine. They belong to Stephen J. Channel and many other people and I’m just playing, not making any money.
Notes: Again written for the [ profile] a_team_kink. Prompt: Five scars that Hannibal watched Face get and the one scar he could help heal. (Can be physical or metaphorical scars, up to anon. And H/F would be awesome.)
Thanks to my busy bee KJ for the fast beta.
I want to apologize in advance about mistakes in the soldiers’ careers and about the war scenes. And sorry for calling Hannibal “Smith”. I like to imagine that he didn’t have his nickname in the beginning of their relationship. Read more... )
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I can't believe I didn't do a wall with this very inspiring manip! But reading [ profile] enkiduts ongoing angsty tale about the two, made me do this. I am not sure what poetry that quote is from she's using but I found it totally beautiful and fitting!
I love thee I love thee
another illustration art for Enkiduts "Finality"

Dear Author :D Please feel free to snag it and use it for illustration of chapter 33a!!! *huggggssss and thanks again for giving me such an impressive and enjoyable, angsty story!!!! My poor Watson! He's sooooooooooooooo strong for his Holmes!!!*
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My very first "A-Team the movie" fic. As always when I write in a new fandom, I am very nervous! Written for the [ profile] a_team_kink

Title: The effect of white or black briefs
Pairing: Face/Hannibal and B.A./Murdock
Rating: R
Disclaimer: They are so not mine! But I love them anyway. But I don't make any money with this stuff.
Notes: The prompt was: All of them in underwear. No matter how or why.

This is inspired by an interview with Bradley, Sharlto and Rampage. Boxers or briefs ;) Unfortunately, Liam wasn't with them so I don't have a quote from him.

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Title: Love
Author: by Delorita
Pairing/Characters: Holmes/Watson
Rating: R (to be on the save site)
Word Count: 1311
Spoilers: none
Summary: Have a look at Holmes's and Watson's feelings about each other.

Notes/Warnings: This is completely inspired by this extraordinary manip from [ profile] tabby_stardust.
It rendered me completely speechless, left the image printed into my brain and let my muse write in this strange form and in changing POVs. Please be gentle with me, I know they don't sound much different, but that's due to the fact that I didn't see the movie in original yet and nether had the time to read the huge book. Big thanks for the fast help and the encouraging words of my dear beta [ profile] ladylovelace

Disclaimer: not mine, just playing and not making any money.

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Title: About Faulty Lighting Equipment – kind of
Author: Delorita
Rating: R
Genre: PWP / first time
Characters and/or pairings: Jim Gordon/Batman
Words: 1261
Disclaimer: They are not mine. I’m just playing with them and don’t make any money out of it. It’s just for fun. They belong to Nolan, MGM etc.
Summary: Gordon discovers some things about himself and Batman.
Notes: It’s written for this request by [ profile] black_dragonover at [ profile] thck_as_thieves Many thanks to my dear beta [ profile] destinyawakened

The dream is a scene out of Gary’s movie "Prick Up Your Ears". The story is set after "Batman Begins".

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